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  1. 2003 1.8 missing at low revs

    I had this on our 2.0 Ghia we bought recently. Garage changed plugs, coil pack and EGR valve. Cleared it up.
  2. Mk2 Focus Tdci Build/mod Thread

    It's made the car more tolerant of lower speeds on high gears. For example, pre-remap, it would object to 50mph in 6th, whereas now it's happy to do that. The net result is an improvement on economy when driven normally. Obviously, if you use your new-found power frequently, then your fuel consption will suffer. I'm averaging 46mpg on mainly rural roads and town. On another note, I'm interested to see how a titianium would look on ST alloys without the bodykit. I've even thought about having the standard alloys refurbed in gloss black.
  3. Mk2 Focus Tdci Build/mod Thread

    Well I paid not much over £200 for mine with Angel Tuning. My Fous went from 136 bhp to 171bhp and 314lb ft of torque. Some of the best money I've ever spent, in my opinion of course.
  4. Mk2 Focus Tdci Build/mod Thread

    Looking good. Have you considered adding a remap to your wishlist of mods?
  5. Do these fan jets need much adjusting after fitting? My old Octavia had them and they were only adjustable in the up/down direction.
  6. 2.0Tdci Clutch Replacement

    My remap gives a very similar power/torque output. I only find any slipping issues at around 2k revs under load, but it's hardly noticeable. As for fuel economy, if driven carefully, I find it has improved over the standard.
  7. 2007 Focus 1.6 Tdci Problems...

    Sounds a bit dodgy to me. Surely if the noise is still present whilst the fan is running but the engine is off, then it's a problem with the fan?
  8. Like I've probably said before, with the amount of smoke that comes from my exhaust when pressing on, I don't think there's any way I've got a DPF fitted to mine!
  9. So in summary then, it's as clear as mud! Lol!
  10. Sounds like the OP is trying to wire it into the stereo, so that the beep sounds come out of the speakers and the system mutes the radio/cd player when reverse is engaged. That's how the Skoda system worked on my Octavia, along with a little picture of the car and a visual indication of how close the object behind you was!
  11. Checked on my 2007 2.0 TDCi and I have a "7" and no DPF, so I'm guessing that applies to all engines.
  12. Egr Valve

    Out of interest, how many miles has your 2.0 TDCi done? Mine's quite low mileage still, so I imagine I'll have this problem at some point in the future!
  13. Focus Front Suspension Problem

    Could a spring be broken on one side perhaps?
  14. To Eibach Or Not To Eibach?

    Surely if it's a dealer/factory fit option, then it's not a mod? I too have been wondering whether it would be worthwhile on my 2.0 TDCi
  15. Side Lights On Focus

    I'm pretty sure it is in the manual, but lets face it, how many of us have the time or the inclination to read the manual cover to cover?
  16. Side Lights On Focus

    Sorry you felt the need to get wet socks just to find out! Whilst it does work on my Titanium, it also works on the bog standard 1.6 TDCi Focus fleet at work. Mine's an '07 and the work cars are '08 onwards. Perhaps it was a Mk 2.5 thing?
  17. Side Lights On Focus

    The Focus does this. When you switch off and remove the key from the ignition, pull the headlight flasher on the left stalk (as if you were flashing your lights at someone) and this will activate the coming home lights function, which lasts for around 30 seconds before going out (iirc).
  18. Rear Rattle - Remove Rear Light Cluster

    I believe you just pull! The light is held on by two little lugs. A sharp tug should free the cluster from them.
  19. show off your 5 door foci!!!

    Here's my little workhorse:
  20. Focus-None Dpf.

    I have an '07 2.0 TDCi Focus without the DPF. Glad it doesn't have one tbh!
  21. What Does This Switch Do? (Pics)

    Are we sure it's not for the ESP switch? I know someone has stated their ESP is deactivated via the stalk and menu system, but that only applies to the latest Focus models. Mk.2s had the ESP switch down there, as illustrated earlier.
  22. What Mpg To Expect From 2.0 Tdci?

    My average mpg is below in my sig. I must admit I wasn't impressed with the mpg figures when I got my Focus. I was getting around 45mpg initially, but the remap has helped a little, to the point that I can get around 50mpg if careful. Still not ideal though.
  23. Cheap Oil At Asda

    Sorry, my bad - I didn't read your post properly! A very good bargain to be had at Asda then!
  24. Dash Storage

    If you're talking about the one in the top of the dash that pops open, I'd say you'd need a new dash for that.
  25. Where To Fit Reverse Sensors

    Pop the black strip off and the holes in the bumper are already there. Just mark up and drill the black plastic strip and refit. Simples.