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  1. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    thanks, im only 1100 learningn to drive and goes up to 1600 when i pass. . my car was 5500. so its no where near the price of my car. it is on my own name but im driving of my mums insurance
  2. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    nah mate with the mods its £1100 learning and goes up £500 when i pass. and il do my pass plus to get muny off because aviva are keep to promote young drivers. yeh mate im in inverness. therees a few zs's and st's up here. none that nice except a mint red one i have seen lately. il get sum pics up when its all done and that. im picking it up thursday from huntly. then mudflaps, racing stripes, new white pro racing alloys, and privacy glass with lowering springs. cant wait. but does anybody know where i can get the red S from the " Zetec S" from
  3. All Scottish Members - Let Yourself Be Known

    mcbean09. Inverness Cant wait to maybe meet up in the summer when ive done my car up and gone from a learner to a passed driver. see you all soon
  4. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    well my mum wont be driving the car atol i just need to say this so the insurance is valid as im a named driver on her insurance./ so much cheaper. my own insurance with my mum on it is 5k. so noooo i bout the car for 5k, will be paying the insurance myself and will only be driving it. cant w8 t modify it up
  5. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    Guys to Clear things up Learning on my mums insurance im £1200. Goes upto £1600 when i pass my test and im going to do my pass plus and it takes £400 off aviva. As for police its not against the law to drive a car on you mums insurance. They cant prove you are driving it more than your mum. And the police dont car. Unless you have a loud exhaust or you are speeding. Im buying the racing stripes and side stripes for £90 from Dmb graphics. And im getting them fitting from Aquorn signs in inverness. A professional graphics company. Im getting the black ST mudflaps for £60 and my uncle will fit them. Il get the windows tinted from highland windscreens for a few hundred. And maybe even get these bad boys. http://www.wheelandtyre.co.uk/alloy-wheels/fox/fx004-white.html Im getting my car tomorro. Its just getting its MOT and service. 35000 miles only. Erm the only thing on the Zetec S is that the alloys loook wheeey to small for the car so im gna save for better ones. As for the body kit. The ST's is so much nicer but il have to stick to the Zetec S's. Hopefully my car will look mint. Il upload when its all done. What do you guys think on my ideas.
  6. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    rget already love me. will ford fit racing stripes and lower my car for me?
  7. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    Yeh im aware but my mum will be using the car also a bit aswel. Thanks
  8. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    When im learning. I will start driving in 2 weeks but i have the car now. I will put on my mums insurance when im driving on a provisional and it £1100 from aviva. When i pass my test it goes up £500 to £1600. Its the best quote ive had as a golf 1.6 on a provisionalk was £2000 alone, Im just wanting to lower it, tint the wondows, put the stripes on it and that. Will ford lower the car and put the ford stripes over the car for me. I dont mind how much it costs because i saved alot of muny on the car i got for the price i got it as. Thanks in advcane \Adam
  9. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    Thanks Mike. Yeh i wont stick st badges on it i was just wondering will ford fit the white racing stripes on for me. I have a black car. Will white or black mudflaps suit the car if im getting the racing stripes and the ford decals on the doors. Il tint the windows but it wont be to chavy. Im planning on putting white st alloys. Will ford sell me these and make them white or will i have to do this.?? thanks in advacne
  10. Hi Guys, Today i just bought a 2005 Black Fiesta Zetec S. Im 17 and i like this car alot. Im wanting to make it alot sportier and that so what do you recommend. Im planning on, Putting ST Black mud flaps on Tinting the Windows Lowering the Car 25-30mm Maybe getting white St alloys Will ford put the st racing stripes on the car and put the ford stripes and logos on the door. Im wondering cause it looks so smart on a ST. Il upload pics soon of my car but if anyone can help me and give me tips then its well appreciated.