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  1. Hello,

    My name is Justina,i saw your profile today at this site (www.fordownersclub.com) and i love it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my email address so that i can reply your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(justinadavids23@yahoo.com) i believe we can move fro...

  2. 3246251196


    Coincidentally, I was going to ask how many miles you should be getting out of a 1.25 with 15£ petrol. I seem to be getting about 100. Does that sound about right? (I still have the problem of my oil going somewhere I do not know. Drinking oil is this car)
  3. 3246251196

    Torturous Remains Of A Blown Head-Gasket

    Just to add more information. I have noticed that I can rev the car right up so long as it is in neutral; when this is done there is no evidence of any rattling noises. This leaves me to think that it could be something to do with the clutch? Just an idea.
  4. 3246251196

    cd playerr not working

    what type of cd players do you have? does this happen on every cd you put in? does regular radio work?
  5. My fiesta (X Reg, 1.25, 16v etc etc etc) is not running as it should be. I had the head-gasket fixed a number of months ago and ever since then it has never ran the same. I understand that this is normally the case for any car - that is to say, once the head is sorted the car is never really the same again. However, these are the problems with it at the minute: 1. The car seems to be "pinking"; I have tried using injectorCleaner in the tank and that has done nothing. Basically, when hitting the accelerator, there is a horrible clunking noise (rattling) I hear and simultaneously white smoke coming from the exhaust; now I am aware that the exaggerated release of white smoke from the exhaust tends to be a symptom of Coolant leaking through somewhere - however - it seems as though this cannot be the case because the Coolant levels have not dropped at all since the head gasket was sorted. So where this white smoke is coming from is beyond me. Also, where/why this rattling noise exists is beyond me. 2. The car is using up a lot of oil. In about 2-3 weeks it used up a "MAX" level of oil. Could this really just be pinking? Is the car even pinking at all? What could this all be? Thanks.
  6. 3246251196

    Fiesta Zetec MK5

    ty, chilla. nice one : - )
  7. 3246251196

    Fiesta Zetec MK5

    Is it possible, in a Fiesta MK5, to change the stock 16v engine to a Zetec Sport engine? Also, is there a limit as to which size I could get. For instance, could I go from my 1.25 Stock to a 1.6 Z Sport ? ----
  8. 3246251196

    Rattling Noise; especially when flooring

    Yeah, it was checked. And there is no water decrease from the coolant either. The only thing which I have not done correctly is having the water a little over the MAX level on the coolant.
  9. 3246251196

    Rattling Noise; especially when flooring

    Still having this problem. I used injector cleaner in the tank as well. The car still has this annoying problem. This rattling noise is followed by white smoke coming out of the exhaust too. I know that different colour smokes means different things. - Do you think it is pinking? - If so would I need to use more injector Cleaner?
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    Wanted: Parts

    My friend, Smasher, is currently tearing up his 04 around the corner with a baseball bat. I'll give him a shout and him know the score mate.
  11. 3246251196

    Rattling Noise; especially when flooring

    Thanks a lot, Mint, I will look into this immediately.
  12. 3246251196

    Ford Fiesta 1.25 sucking sound problem

    Yeah, I remember getting that. I blew a hole in my exhaust when I pulled away from a red light way to strongly. Blew a hole in the exhaust and, to be honest, it sounded amazing. But it was all sorted within a day.
  13. 3246251196

    Rattling Noise; especially when flooring

    It is surely a no-no, but there are times when I need to get up to 70 quick. I think the problem might also be something called "pinking" according to a friend. I put some injector cleaner in the car and it helped it a little. But it is CLEAR that there is no where near as much power in it as before. I do not even think I could pull of a frontal wheel spin anymore. Also, I recently got new pads/discs for my brakes. They are sound. However, the front left wheel - after a long journey - is so hot. You could honestly cook a breakfast on the alloy. I am afraid this is going to warp my discs again. Clearly something is not right but I have no idea why the alloy/disc gets SO hot; it is not warped at all AT THE MINUTE. I took it on a long journey last night and could hear a weird noise from it - like a screaching every so often. In summary, I have this "pinking" problem (which it may not even be pinking); I also have this left front wheel overheating. Finally, the car does still seem to get so hot inside which seems completely irregular.
  14. After having a gasket fixed I have now noticed that my Fiesta (2000, LX, Zetec, 16v, 1.25l) is making a concerning rattling noise which seems to come from the axels (maybe - that is a complete guess). This happens not always, but mainly when I floor the accelerator. Moving off from 1st is not an issue and even going to 2nd proves to be sound. However, when I get into 3rd and floor it (or, almost floor it) there is this rattling noise and white smoke coming from the exhaust also. It certainly does not look too healthy. Can someone try and diagnose such a problem or suggest something. Thankyou.