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  1. Oil Light Flickering

    yep sadly its the the oil pressure, think its time to say goodbye
  2. as title really, its a little worrying really, ive had a new oil pressure sensor fitted last week as thought this may sort it but doing it a lot more know used to do it occasionaly, but now a lot of the time, could it be the cable up to the switch(dodgy connection)
  3. Any recomendations or any body does a bit on the side nearer basingstoke the better
  4. Just a quick one really im looking for another garage/mechanic in basingstoke, hampshire, ive got one jsut seeing what others are out there
  5. Well on the way to work yesterday the control rod on the master cylinder snapped, limped in, got recovered home by the AA my mechanic fitted one today £134 all in any good or ripped off looking tonight online the cylinder itself seems to vary quite a bit from £30 to £85
  6. ok, cheers, anyway of testing it, or just change it and see
  7. Focus Bonnet Catch

    with the focus bonnet catch, you have to use the key to open it,stupid idea personally for example if you,ve got a problem that only shows when the engine is/has been running and obiovously you remove key to open bonnet and lose problem. just wondering does the bonnet catch need a coded key to open, because im thinking about getting a key cut but not coded to keep in the car just in case something like that happens, or if not can the coding bit be by passed for the bonnet catch
  8. Right here it go,s ive got a 1999 t reg, 1.8 diesel focus estate, the interior heating and cooling dosent work in positions 3 and 4, well it will work in 3 in you turn to position 3 and push in and hold. just wondering if this would be the resistor pack or the fan motor or something else. Any help much appreciated
  9. as title sais, how is easy it to replace them as mine are starting to go, are there any online guides, ive got a haynes as well
  10. yep thats ones the leakback or leak off pipes depends what you call them, asked a mate today as well, he said the same, thanks again
  11. Ive got a 99 focus 1.8 diesel, when i changed the rocker cover gasket last week i noticed upon closer inspection that my flexible pipes that go between the injectors are pretty deterioated, due to the oil leak from the gasket, ive heard its not a hard job to replace these pipes but not sure, haynes is a bit vague, garage want £30 plus pipe which is about a fiver, then vat, any body any wiser im quite handy with the spanners , im based in basingstoke if somebody wanted to have a nose
  12. Windows Misting Up

    Ive just recently purchased a ford focus estate 1.8 turbo diesel, t reg got a few niggles with it fan motor for inside of car only works on 1 and 2 settings(previous owner did,nt tell me) Also ive noticed it seems to mist up quite a bit on the windows, ive checked for wet patches in footwells etc, just in case heater matrix ive had one go before i my previous car, it does clear if i set the fans going and internal circulation going, its just a bit annoying Anybody shed any light on the matter, i quite handy when it comes to sorting my cars, i based in basingstoke