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  1. Removing scratches

    Meguiars Scratch-X is great for minor scratches.
  2. dash clocks flickering & pulsing

    I had the same in my old mkII Focus after the battery died and I just got the local auto electrical place to swap it for the cheapest they had. I swapped the battery for the correct type and never had a problem again.
  3. Best cleaning/detailing products

    I recently changed from Meguiars to Autobrite Direct. It's amazing stuff.
  4. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    Nothing on Etis for my 2015 1.5 tdci built on 21.06.15.
  5. Newer car purchase

    Thanks for all your advice and replys. For various family reasons I have not been able to go far in the Focus until last week. A free day resulted in a trip to Whitby from middlesbrough. The car goes like a dream, plenty of power to overtake and very comfortable.
  6. Definitely sounds like a vin number has been made up. I would take it back and ask them to explain the discrepancy.
  7. Best cleaning products!?

    I used Meguiars for years with excellent results. Recently I've been using Chemical Guys products. I've tried several now and they all give excellent results.
  8. Newer car purchase

    Picked it up today only driven it a few miles but it's a nice car to drive. I definitely made the right choice.
  9. Newer car purchase

    Thanks everyone. I had help in my car choice my brother in law actually sold me the car at the dealer ship he works at, so I got a little bit of discount 😀 And he probably saved himself an ear bashing from my sister for not doing me a good deal.
  10. Newer car purchase

    Thanks for the advice everyone. In the end I've gone for a 15 reg Focus Titanium in deep impact blue with a 1.5 tdci engine. My brother in law is selling me the car so I better get a good deal!!. It's Ford direct car so should be in good order. Pics to follow once it's in my hands
  11. Newer car purchase

    Thanks for replying. Up until now my mileage has been around 10,000 a year mostly in town, to and from work etc with the odd days out work permitting. Now I'm not restricted by work I have more time to visit all those places you never get around to seeing so I expect my mileage to go up. I have been looking at a 1.0 Ecoboost 125 petrol Focus Titanium in Deep Impact Blue but I wouldn't be opposed to a Diesel engine Focus. Graham
  12. Don't think I have the energy to fight my way out of a wet paper bag

  13. Happy Hogmanay All...

    Bit late but I've been working ☹ Happy New year and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year
  14. Merry Christmas!

    Happy Christmas everyone. I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and happy motoring in 2016.
  15. Halfords

    I won't be under the car very often at all so I didn't want to spend a fortune. I know they won't stand up to frequent or professional use but for getting under for an oil and filter change they will do me