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  1. Can I Reprograme A Fob

    thats great but do i have to have a three button key or can i use the spare key i have that does not have a fob with a seperate fob. in other words buy on on sheemeebay from a different car and programme it with the mondeo???
  2. Can I Reprograme A Fob

    can it be done without going to a specialist, does it have to be a mondeo key or will a fob from another ford work???
  3. New To The Forum, Just Saying Hi

    thankyou, hope to be around for quite a while, mondeo permitting lol
  4. Can Redex Be Used On A Diesel Engine

    never done it on a diesel so maybe ill stay clear, thanks
  5. or is there an alternative, car doesent really need it to be honest but my last 2 cars were petrol, a laguana and a 523i, both showed good improvements in both amount of smoke comming out of the engine and acceleration, reckon i got a slight improvement on mpg too. any body used a something like this on their mondeo, would be good to hear some views
  6. New Car, One Problem

    hi, got my first mondeo and i have to admit i am very impressed so far. one thing i have noticed is that on right turns, more noticalbe on roundabouts there is a noise i have not heard before on any car, dose not sound or feel like a wheel bearing, noise bit like a warble if that makes any sense, handling not effected at all, any ideas