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  1. Hi all Just wondering whether anyone else has had any issues with their 3.5mm jack socket on the MK3 Mondeo? I have a 2004 Mondeo TDCi Ghia and the jack socket does not seem to work. I have plugged in 2 different ipods, CD players etc but the music will not come through the stereo. Can anyone offer any help besides for me to check the connection? Thanks
  2. Hello all, I recently posted a topic regarding the clutch/DMF on my 2004 Mondeo TDCi Ghia (130/6 spd); it is a bit of a strange one so please stay with me! In a nut shell; I was driving on the motorway for 25 mins at 3K revs, was then stuck in traffic for 25 mins with continuous stop starting. When I got back to moving, I put about ¾ throttle on and the clutch slipped, I eased off, the clutch bit and it was then fine getting home (about 10 miles). Here is the weird part; I have done over 400 miles since this and have had no further instances of the clutch slipping, even on full throttle, low revs uphill etc. The clutch and DMF seem strong which is puzzling me. I have come to the conclusion that something may have got onto the clutch plate, my first thought was that something may be wrong with the Centric Slave Cylinder and possibly a little hydraulic fluid leaked onto the clutch causing it to slip? However, when doing an oil and filter change at the weekend, as I removed the engine cover I noticed that there was some liquid around the injectors on cylinders No 2 & 3 – No 3 seemed a little worse (around 2mm depth in worse places). This liquid was also in the lip of the cam cover which got me thinking; could the injector seals have gone? If so could the leaked diesel have ran off the cam cover (when doing a right hand down turn), ran down the block onto the bell housing, and maybe a little diesel got through onto the clutch causing it to slip? The above would explain why the clutch randomly slipped and hasn’t done so since!? If anyone can offer any help or advice on this it would be much appreciated! Thanks and sorry for the essay. Kev
  3. Do I Really Need To Do It?

    Thanks for the reply guys The Mondeo is 6 years old BUT it has done 147K. I use it for work and have to travel a lot; it has done 18K in it in the last 5 months - mainly motorway driving (about 80%). As I mentioned earlier I know I should really change it - oh well; looks like i will have to try and make it last until next month!
  4. Hello guys I experienced the dreaded clutch slip on Friday when coming across the M62 :o ; I was travelling a little faster than I should have been for around 20 mins, then got stuck in traffic for about the same amount of time moving just inches every 15 seconds or so (alot of stop starting). Anyway, after getting through the traffic I put about 3/4 throttle on and that’s when the slipping struck! It slipped twice at around 2k so I took it easy for the rest of the way home (70 mph in 6th) and it was OK (10 miles to home). I used it yesterday and did around 30 miles mixed town and motorway driving but I didn't experience any slipping; however, selecting 1st was a little stiff - tell tale sign it's on it way out! My question for everyone is; do I really have to replace the DMF when changing the clutch? I know that I should change it and I am more than aware of how temperamental these DMF's are, my only problem is I don't really have the spare cash to do the clutch, DMF and SC at the mo (just put everything I had into a deposit for a house :(). The DMF seems in good order; there are no untoward rattles, vibration in the pedals/through the car at any speed in any gear. I realise that it's free labour if I do them both at the same time but I will be doing the work myself so the labour is not really an issue; saying that, I don’t really want to do all the work again if the DMF goes. Has anyone changed their clutch without doing the DMF before? Under normal circumstances I would replace all; it pains me that I only have the cash for the clutch at the moment and, as I drive over 100 miles every other day, I need the car in working order ASAP! Sorry for the essay guys and thanks in advance for any help you can offer! Oh yeah and my car is a 04 TDCI Ghia X (130 bhp 6 spd)
  5. Would adding this blanking plate not throw up an error with the engine management system? As there is no egr flow wouldn't the engine management light illuminate on the dashboard?