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  1. So I updated last night and plugged into the car this morning. It picked it up straight away. Usually it doesn't work! However in the past, after plugging it into the computer and then the car straight afterwards it tended to work properly for a few times and then stop. Gonna give a few days and see what happens but ::touch wood:: maybe they've fixed it?
  2. Pesky Pillars ... :(

    So a few weeks ago I had had a long day and decided to go out with friends for a meal. Getting back to my car pretty late in the evening I had parked in a multistorey car park. The floor that I was on was empty and nobody else was parked around me - bar a few of my friends vehicles. I got into my car, plugged my iPhone in, set up some music to listen to, looked around me, put a full turn on the steering wheel and SMACK! I forgot that I'd parked directly next to a pillar on my passenger side. See picture below (excuse quality, I couldn't bring myself to photograph the damage so its the garages scanned photographs!) Instead of the wing mirror falling off, it pulled the door frame out with it. You can see the dent and scratching quite obviously, the door skin had torn too. What made me chuckle though was that when I went around to have a look, the mirror fell out of the wing mirror housing and hit the floor ... I picked it up and it looked brand new ... no scratches, so I'm keeping that as a spare! It was going to be too expensive to get it fixed privately so I went through the insurers, my renewal was up the start of June and its put my premium up by £150 which I dont think is that bad considering that my excess was £300 and the estimates to get it done privately were between £1000-£1200! Why am I posting this here you might ask. Well purely as a warning to anybody that when parking in multistoreys be ESPECIALLY CAREFUL ... I was tired and switched off for a split second and I'm £450 out of pocket now :( Anyway, I finally got my car back after two weeks, and treated it to a good clean and polish - I hope she can forgive me! Pictures below (they're a bit crap - taken on iPhone).
  3. Fitting A Subwoofer From Ford Acsessories

    Can you link the subwoofer you bought please?
  4. Aluminium Pedals From Ford

    They do look sweet, but I don't know if the extra cost would be worth it or not? Wheres the cheapest place to buy em?
  5. Wanted: Mk7 Bulb Change

    Yep, they are all road legal and the right ones. I have those sidelights myself!
  6. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    Although I feel your pain mate I agree with everyone else! A lot of insurance companies are wise to this and simply won't insure sons/daughters on parents policies anymore for this very reason! Which I find totaly annoying as it means I can't shift my Dad's car off the drive to get my car off in the morning! Do what everyone else does buy a !Removed! banger for your first car and insure it cheap, get 1 or 2 years NCB under your belt and then get a nice car! Also the thing is until you get some NCB or are 25 years old your insurance is always gonna be massive! Gonna be a named driver on your Mum's policy then? People are right tho, it's reasons like this that premiums are so !Removed! high ...
  7. Replacing Headlight Bulbs

    Hey, no not rude, thanks for the reply! I've looked at other forum posts and they suggest visiting websites such as http://autolights.co.uk/ etc, but no detail on which bulbs would be suited to the Fiesta (or maybe I'm not reading them properly), plus how easy it'd be to install them, etc? EDIT - Seem to be finding a bit more information the more I delve! Think I've been searching for the wrong terms!
  8. Replacing Headlight Bulbs

    I know theres a few topics about changing of headlights but I'm not any sort of petrol head, and I'm extremely scared of doing anything to the car so I thought I'd post to get a dead correct answer. So, I've got a Fiesta Zetec 2010 plate and I'd really like to spend a bit of cash to make it look nicer then it already does. I've read posts about HID kits, conversion kits, other types of bulbs, etc, legal, not legal. So my questions are as follows, 1. What are my choices of bulbs (obviously being road legal 100%)? 2. Whats HID all about? 3. How easy is it to change the bulbs in the car? 4. Are there any choices of changing the rear bulbs as well? 5. Any other things I might be able to do to make the car look even better lol? I'm really sorry that this is probably repeating past threads but I just want straight answers!
  9. Mk7 Spare Key ?

    Have emailed this website http://www.autolocksmith.net/ and got a reply (all in capital letters might I add) saying that they can cut and code the key in person for £44 cash. Has anyone used this site before? Cash makes me think it's abut dodgy, but I suppose I could barter him down a bit? I dunno whether it's a bit dodgy, he said if I post the keys to him it's £26?! Which I thought was a bit wierd? What do you guys think?
  10. Mk7 Spare Key ?

    £80, isn't there anyway of getting it done cheaper? By the sounds of it, its probably gonna benefit me more going straight to the dealership for it instead of buying each thing individually?
  11. Mk7 Spare Key ?

    If I get a blank key fob and stuff, how do I go about getting it coded and actually getting the key cut? Will a normal key cutting place be able to do this for me? Will Ford code the key, how much, etc? If these are silly questions, then I apologise!
  12. That would only explain shocks at the weekend though! :P But seriously, is there anything we can do, can Ford do anything?
  13. I've got a Fiesta (10 plate) and it doesn't matter what clothes/shoes I'm wearing, every time I get out of the car I get a static shock and its beginning to really annoy me! I look a right div getting out of the car and closing the door with the back of my wrist so I don't feel the shock so much. Has anybody else had this problem? Is it just me or could it be something to do with the car?
  14. Too Old At 66

    Does seem out of order but I can understand it. I want to start a rant about being classed as a 'young driver' until you're 25 ... but I wont lol.
  15. Ashtray ... ?

    Ahhh brilliant! Just bought one. Thank you!