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  1. Noise Only When Accelerating

    Sorry what is a DMF? My model is a petrol (my profile needs updating) I could get the entire clutch kit replaced if needed, do you think it is better to do that? Thanks for you help
  2. Noise Only When Accelerating

    Hi all, I just got a Mk1 Focus 2.0 from a friend and I noticed 2 things in the first few miles of driving it. 1) when the clutch is released and left in neutral there is a slight rattling noise from the engine bay. 2) When in gear and I accelerate hard there is a noise that sounds like metal rubbing on metal its like a constant rushing noise similar to intense air flow i suppose. I am not sure where to start with this but I have eliminated the wheel bearings so far at least. Can anyone shed any light on what it may be causing this? Thanks in advance, Lee
  3. Hi All, I have recently been down the M1 in my Focus MK2 TDCI 1.6 (55 plate) and noticed that when i lift off the accelerator i see quite a bit of white-greyish smoke out the back! however, this only starts to happen after about 30-40 minutes of driving which makes me think heat is an associated factor? The car has recently had its turbo remanufactured about a week before this happened. I also had the DPF removed and ECU remapped but the carbon smoke associated with that job has pretty much gone now so i don't think its that. Does anyone have a clue what may cause it to do this when i let off? Im scared the thing is about pack up. thanks in advance Lee
  4. Worried About Dfp And Eolys Fluid

    I have had a similar problem with the DPF on my MK2 Focus 1.6 TDCI I am about to get the whole thing removed and remapped as it seems like the better longterm option. Its costing a total of £600 to get the part out and the ECU remapped for better fuel efficiency. Has anyone here done this before? I would be interested to know how it effects the car's performance after.
  5. Heated Windscreen Issues

    Much appreciated, Thanks!
  6. Replacing Dipped Bulbs

    Outstanding, thanks guys :) I'll give it a go on Saturday.
  7. Heated Windscreen Issues

    Hi All, One side (my fekin side) of the windscreen doesn't demist with the electric demister. There is a perfect line down the middle where the passenger side is fine and mine is still misty. Is there a fuse to replace for this as i heard Mk2s have a fuse for each side? If so i would really appreciate any help as to where i can find the little git! Cheers in advance :)
  8. Replacing Dipped Bulbs

    Hi All, I am about to buy some new dipped bulbs for our Mk2 Focus 1.6 TDCI Zetec but before I do it I was wondering how tricky the replacement job is? I have done it many times before on other cars but I have read that with the Mk2 Focus its not such an easy straight forward task? Anyone done this and how easy is it? Many thanks in advance, Lee.
  9. '05 Focus Tailgate/boot Problem

    Hi All, MY girlfriend has just got a 55 plate Mk2 Focus Zetec Diesel and the same problem is happening to that. The problem we have is that the boot handle mechanism doesnt work at all and the !Removed! thing opens at random intervals. Anyone got a clue what needs fixing or have you heard of anyone getting the problem solved? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Lee. Car Spec: 55 Plate Focus 1.6TDCI Zetec Climate. 3Dr Hatch.