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  1. Chipped Paint

    Ok thanks, will ring my dealer to ask about one! ;)
  2. Chipped Paint

    I bought my car in March and have done 1400 miles, but have not been told about a 1500 mile check. I just received a letter from the dealer saying the first service was 12000 miles or something. Has anyone else been told about the 1500 mile check?
  3. Mirrors Different Heights?

    I've just put my ruler up to the screen...same height! :D
  4. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    I've got 460 songs on there and probably 100 of them were bought from iTunes
  5. Am I Missing Something?

    My front passenger belt also beeps & flashes if passenger has not fastened it. Zetec 5 door 2010 model.
  6. Annoying Noise From Mk7

    An update! My annoying noise came from a nut rolling around underneath the carpet of the front passenger seat! One seat out and a drive round and round a car park and it was fixed! :)
  7. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    Sorry, I think I'm being a bit thick here, but all I did was alter my itunes music folder from AAC to MP3 format, and then transferred these onto the stick. Am I meant to be doing something to format the stick first? oops!
  8. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    I have also been having the same problems with using a USB stick. I first tried a Sandisk Cruzer 8gb and the car did not recognise the device, so I then tried a pny-city series micro usb 8gb, as recommended by someone in the "connectinmg an ipod/usb" thread. The USB stick was working fine for a week until my partner decided to press the "shuffle" key and the "scan" key on the dash! The USB then stopped working...I had no volume and it wouldn't go past the track it was on (no controls would work). This did not correct itself even after ejecting the USB stick or turning off the car engine. I had the car in the dealers yesterday who reset the USB/AUX, but said everytime they put my stick into it, it jammed up again. They tried a different USB stick in my car (a Sandisk one!)and that worked fine. So they have said there is a fault with my USB stick as they tried the stick in another car and it also failed to work :( Really annoying, I have spent over £35 on memory sticks and neither work!
  9. Annoying Noise From Mk7

    Hi, No, I've made sure there's nothing in the door pocket. I'm going to take it into the dealer as my USB has also frozen over the weekend :(
  10. Annoying Noise From Mk7

    Hi Paul, Thanks for that, I will give it a try! :)
  11. Annoying Noise From Mk7

    Wish it could be just that!Thanks for your reply though :)
  12. Annoying Noise From Mk7

    Hi, I have the standard alloys on it.
  13. Hi, I've had my fiesta nearly 3 weeks, covered nearly 900 miles, and have noticed a strange noise that sounds like it's coming from the front passenger door panel. When I turn sharply around a corner, left or right, it sounds like I have a stone/loose nut rolling up and down the door panel. It doesn't seem to make this noice when going up or down a hill though, so unsure if it is what it sounds like! (I've made sure there is nothing rolling around in the glove compartment). Anyone else experienced this noise? Thinking of taking it to the dealer it is that annoying, and can be heard even with the stereo on! Many thanks, Debbie
  14. Hello! :)

    Hi everyone, Newbie here...I'm Debbie and I picked up my new Fiesta Mk7 in the lovely Hot Magenta 12 days ago and I'm loving it! I have been reading the posts so thought I woud pluck up the courage to join in! Look forward to chatting with you all x