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  1. the 1.6 100hp is gutless compared to my 1.6 tdci , try and get a zetec s as it has the twin cam 1.6 tivct wich makes a huge diffrence
  2. putting 215 section tyres on a fiesta will just makes it tramline like a b*******
  3. hiya yesterday for some unknown reason my boot opened as i was sitting in my car at lunch, and now its got worse as soon as u pull away it opens or you can hear the latch going if its already open i am totally clueless of why its doing this my focus in normally 100% reliable , its a mk2 focus any help or advise would be greatly appreciated, thanks josh .
  4. Yes your being blind you hang the curly plastic wire on a lil clip on the botton of the colour coded petrol flap :)
  5. Im waiting for my blue footwell lights but not sure if its going to look good with green dashboard lights and red needles.
  6. Do think the ride comfort and refinement is better in the focus or is there not much diffrence, just wondering as these are the 2 main things i look at when buying a car :)
  7. Im having mine replaced under warrenty as they are siezed on, i found out when i thought the rear wheel wasnt sittting propally so ford tried to do 4 wheel lazer tracking and couldnt do it because of these bolts were sized.
  8. Nope i go 60 mph alot , just being light on the throttle not exceding 2,000 rpm and not braking excessively and dipping clutch and rolling whenever i can :)
  9. Well you could always mountune the 1.6 in the zetec s as its virtually the same engine as whats in the fiesta zetec s
  10. Ive got 72 mpg out my last 2 tanks of bp ultimate on my focus 1.6 tdci its done 86k :) when its had 87.5 k service and 4 mitchelin energy savers put on i home it will go up even more :)
  11. I get 64mpg out of every tank :P i would love a new car but knowing my luck doors would get opened on to it, someone would hit me , or trolly dollies would scrape there handbakes down it or i would kurb the wheels etc and also would never sleep at night knowing i have 30k on my drive for someone to steal or break in to etc
  12. My brakes are fantastic i got a 1.6 tdci with rear drums, do a brake fluid change that can make a world of diffrence.
  13. oil change , oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, then every other time brake fluid and coolent change then every so often glow plugs and cambelt change :)
  14. Jus out of pure noseyness how do u rack up 1000 miles a week ! With my carol vordaman head on that 200 miles a day! and also now going to stick my nose in where its not wanted , i would suggest you buy mitchelin energy savers for that kind of millage as they can last up to 40000 motorway miles also make sure you use decent diesel as it wont take long for your injectors to get cloged up with that sort of millage :)
  15. dont get me wrong i really like the mk3 focus and would love to have a 2.0 tdci 160 titanium x in mars red :)but i sat in one the other day and it felt very Claustrophobic compared to mine! Would like to take a ride in one and see if they have manged to solve the worst thing about mine wich is the road/ tyre roar !
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