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  1. Bolt Seized In Bush

    I'm not keen on letting Ford loose on my car!!! The last time I let a Ford main dealer touch one of my cars (10+ years ago) I booked it in for one day for them to diagnose the problem. Booked it in for a second day, but they had forgotten to order the parts! Booked it in for a third day, but they didn't get time to repair it because someone was off sick!!!!!! Finally got it repaired at the 4th attempt. Useless.
  2. Bolt Seized In Bush

    Ok, here are some photos of the offending bushes. These two are of the outer bush. The steel under the head of the bolt is the part that began to bulge as I wound out the bolt. Does anyone know if the rusty(est) section in the centre is part of the arm or is it the outer sleeve of the bush? This on is the inner mounting. This one isn't a captive nut. I can remove this nut, but then the bolt will not knock out. This last one is the whole arm to give an idea of the location of the other photos. Does anyone know if these particular bushes are available by themselves, or do I have to replace the whole arm?
  3. Bolt Seized In Bush

    Mine are different bushes that are giving trouble. From what you are saying I think the bushes you needed replacing were the front mounting of the knuckle/tie bar (hub carrier?) where it bolts to the floor? I can see now how dropping the subframe will allow acess to these bushes. The ones I want to get out are the type where the mounting bolt goes through the centre of the bush. As I can't get the bolt out, I can't separate the 2 units from one another(rear rear lower arm both to the main crossmember and at the other end to the knuckle), so there is no way I can get at the bushes with a puller. It seems you can buy Powerflex bushes to go in there but I don't want to spend that much! Had another look at them this evening, and now I am not sure if what I can see is the outer sleeve of the bush, or part of the arm that the bush is pushed into. I'll take a photo or two and see if anyone knows Back to my original post I think. Any more ideas?
  4. Bolt Seized In Bush

    Thats not too bad considering the effort and frustration I had yesterday and got nowhere. Where did you get the bushes from? I thought you had to buy the complete arms?
  5. Bolt Seized In Bush

    How much did they charge for this?
  6. Bolt Seized In Bush

    Has anyone any suggestions on how to get the rear suspension rear control arm bolts out? Both sides, at both ends of the arms have the bolts seized into the inner sleeve of the bushes. I managed to turn-out the outer bolt on one side, which ripped the rubber bush even more but instead of the bolt coming out it started to act as a jacking bolt, and caused the inner sleeve of the bush to push out the steel of the knuckle where the bolt goes through on the bolt head side!!! I managed to wind this back in again, which returned the steel to its original shape, but come MOT time its going to be a definite failure on the bushes. I won't be able to drill this out, will I? I assume it will be a high tensile bolt. Grinding the head off the bolt won't achieve anything, as it still won't let me get the arm out of its location in the knuckle. The (rear suspension) front lower arm outer bushes are the same too, but the rubber of the bushes aren't damaged on these. I am wondering if grinding off the bolt heads, and the captive nuts will sort it, and the use nuts and bolts on the refit? The only other option, as far as I can see, is to cut the arms into bits to get them out. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.