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  1. Retrofit Bluetooth / Voice Control.

    hi just in the middle of doing this awaiting mic after being out of stock just wondered how much it cost to get the voice activation done via IDS cheers
  2. Diy Servicing

    Hi, Sorry for all the questions as you can tell new owner!!!! I always like to do my own oil changes inbetween services, especialy as 12k for an oil change on a diesel seems high to me. Simple i thought but the oil filter has me baffeled. So used to the old ways where it was easy to spot the oil filter as you got the full filter now you just get a replacement paper filter from ford, so i can't seem to find it. Is it housed near the top of the engine? as i can't see anything that resembles an oil filter hanging underneath. Should point out have 2.0 tdci. Also what size hexagon drain plug key do i need, is it 12mm and are there any special tools needed for the oil filter removal?? Many thanks Steve
  3. Outside Air Temperature Sensor Location

    Thanks very much no need for the photo managed to find it in the end
  4. Hi, I have just bought an s-max 2.0 diesel and the outside air sensor is displaying 55c (if only) Can you tell me where the sensor is located so i can check for a lose connection (photo would be fantastic but understand that is asking a lot) Cheers Steve