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  1. Nes Alloys For Ka

    Hello, i have a 53 plate ford ka, and was looking to get some alloys for it in the near future, i woul dlike to know whats the biggest i can go without it rubbing in my arhes or without coming across any hitches in general? Thanks Dan
  2. Hey, posted a comment on here other day abour wiring up my leds to a 52 plate ford ka, can anyone tell me which of the wires going into the bulbs behind the headlight fitting are positive/negative... Just that my leds have a positive and negative wires and not to sure what to crimp them to? Can anybody help please :D Thanks Dan
  3. Help With Instalation Of Lights!!!

    Ahh, yeah it did say to attach them to the side lights, but i wanted them for at night with headlights :( but as you said this is not a good idea? and no, there are no resistors as i can see, just the black strips with leds inside then the wiring, this is linked to a temp battery for show in the halfords... So what would you advise? just dont put them on? is there any way i could reduce the voltage myself... or am i wasting my time? Thanks Dan
  4. Hi, Cut a long story short i have a 52 plate Ka and its black, i wante dto make it look a bit cooler and i saw a mate with some L.E.D's on his car at night and thought it looked pretty cool so i decide dto buy some myself, there are two six inch strips which i plan to stcik onto the bottom of each corner of the bumper. Its says to link them up to my sidelights but i would rather have them for night time, how would i go about doing this? i have th haynes car manuel but im not to sure what section to read... Can anybody help please? Many thanks Dan