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  1. Wow, that is crazy, can’t believe that the battery is never fully charged, surely that can’t be any good for the battery either, thanks for your help, I will set it to a higher level and see what happens 😁
  2. I never really use it but I am a driving instructor so I always teach pupils how to do hill starts using the handbrake first, that’s why I chose a car with a traditional handbrake, the problem I have is where I live one of the test routes involves a really steep hill and if you don’t pull the handbrake on really hard the car will roll back, some struggle to get it off again, when they are ready for test I like to give them the option of hill assist if they get that route 😁
  3. Again thanks for the info, does this mean that at the moment the car will allow the battery to drop to 80% charge before it starts charging it back up? I guess if this is the case the car shuts down certain features, or have I got that wrong 🤔
  4. Thanks for the info, is there any configuration with forscan that will stop this from happening?
  5. Has anyone had the problem with hill assist turning itself off, this happens about once a week, keep having to into the menu to turn it back on 😡
  6. Looking for info with daytime running lights, I’m wanting to know if there is way to switch them off, maybe a configuration with forscan? I understand the benefits of having them on but my car is used for driving lessons so is on the road most of the day, I have seen fiestas where the light has obviously gone faulty as is is really dull, just wanting to be able to turn them off in the summer and back on in the winter, I would have thought turning the switch to off would sort this but they stay on, any help appreciated
  7. Well finally got round to having a go with forscan and managed to activate the auto locking feature, however I couldn’t get the global window closure to work, think it must be to with the fact it doesn’t have electric rear windows 🤣 not sure if I changed everything I needed to though, the options I changed are in the photo, I have also seen some posts about changing some codes for certain things to work, any info appreciated, thanks
  8. Well I’ve just ordered the lead so when it arrives I will have a look, just been reading the other thread and it mentions having to one touch close windows which mine has, if I can’t switch it on it not a massive issue, will be interesting to see what other features have been held back, such as auto locking, can’t remember the last car I went in that didn’t have this feature until this one, will let you know what happens next week when the lead arrives, thanks for the advice and info 👍
  9. I’m sounding stupid here but never used anything like this before, I’ve just downloaded forscan and had a quick look, I’m guessing once it’s plugged into the car when I get the lead all the options etc will be visible, is there an option in forscan to save the original files, other than that I’m guessing it’s just a case of finding the option you want to change and turning it on or off, thanks again
  10. Thanks for the info 👍 looks like I will have to get that sorted or take it to the dealership then, guess it’s quite straight forward to use once downloaded, don’t want to mess anything up on the car 🤣
  11. Hi, just got a 2019 fiesta st line x, tried to use the global open and closure window feature today but couldn’t get it to work, the car has electric everything apart from rear windows 🤔 can’t find any options in the settings etc to turn it on or off, could someone let me know if the car even has this feature and if so how to activate it. thanks
  12. Might have a look into that as Ford are useless, is it a straight forward install, I’m a driving instructor and really need the sat nav both working and up to date
  13. Hi, thanks for the reply, I should have mentioned that I have both soft reset and master reset with no luck
  14. Hi everyone, new to this forum and after some advice please, I have a 2018 fiesta st line that has a map update available, I have managed to download and install to the stage where the car says to go through key cycle to complete, I have tried this and it won’t complete the final install, any advice would be great. thanks in advance
  15. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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      Hi Steve, just joined so not sure how to find if I have had any replies to the question I asked, can’t seem to find the post either, not sure if it has been deleted, any info would would be great, thanks 

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