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  1. Plastic Vent

    I seem to have a plastic vent that has fallen off from the passenger side foot well some were i took it to ford and they put it back but its fallen out again? does any one no how it clips in?
  2. Creaking Noise - Mk7

    i had this problem took it to ford and they sorted it no problem but the woman bhind the desk cudnt tell me what it were.
  3. Mk7 Upgraded Headlights

    thi is somthing i have to concider i bought my car and thougt to my self new car i dnt have to mess but !Removed! it i want sum white light for my white car!!
  4. Screeching

    i shall give it a try then thanks alot mate!
  5. Clean Clean Clean

    gota frozen white zetec damm i wish i order the zetec s but when i orderd the dealler really didnt seem to have a clue about them. but i stil love the wiked beast!!
  6. snap but usually happens at petrol stations with me n it aint jus a little snap it can b a real crack!! and my gf thinks its halirius!!
  7. Screeching

    hi newbie, i decided to get my self a brand spanking car last june as i were sick ov breaking down and froking out for my old astra sport, i wanted a good lookin low insurance cheap to run car so i poped into ford n fell in love with my zetec scrappge ohhh yes cudnt drive that atsra n give them the keys quick enougth. now 9 munth down the line i had a starnge noise on my power steering and a plastic vent fell off the passenger foot well ford sorted this out spot on. but i also have a screeching sound that seems to b coming from the passenger side and is intamitent so is a pain in the !Removed! i have had some 1 have a quick look but im no mechanic and he rekons a bit of copper grease bhind the disks should do the trick any suggestions greatly appreciated.