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  1. i dont think so, better will be white
  2. Sony Stereo Installed

    this one is in my car now, i asked my dealer ale we checked availability of sony radio for my VIN and etis said that sony is not compatible :( question is if is possible install sony anyway?
  3. Sony Stereo Installed

    hmm i checked availability for my VIN and result was not available.... only that from ford
  4. Usb Froze Up On Me...

    i had similar problem, last week i was at service and there was update for communication module. p.s. leaving a car for a few minutes was not a solution for me :(
  5. Bluetooth Module Lockup

    it's true, but still option in case you dont need those information in long term
  6. Bluetooth Module Lockup

    better and not so complicated is disconnecting of battery. after ten minutes connect again. i had same problem few months ago, and upgrading of BT firmware was helpful
  7. Bottom Front Grill Removal

    can you give here photo from front side? thank you
  8. Fiesta Sport Grille Chrome Inserts

    hmm looks good, but what about sending to slovakia? is it possible? price?
  9. Fiesta Sport Grille Chrome Inserts

    guys, what about finis code if that grille is original ford part?
  10. this looks good, can you do a guide how to do that?
  11. Mk7 Fiesta Daytime Running Lights

    any details?
  12. Mk7 Fiesta Daytime Running Lights

    are you completely sure?
  13. Misting Up

    i have same problem with misting. but no leaks under spare wheel
  14. what about adding some links? :-)