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    2010 Fiesta Mk7 1.6TDCI Titanium
  1. S1600 Lookalike?

    Now alot of us have seen the S1600 in our Ford Showrooms. (dont like white wheels though !) A question for all of you especially those of you out there who own White ZS or Titaniums with full dress-up kit (obviously 3door). If you owned a White Mk7, having seen the S1600 would you now consider have the blue stripes put on your car (bonnet/roof and sides) so it looks like a S1600? Cost would be FORD £250 fitted or my local car graphic company £120 fitted I would have bought an S1600 but ordered (to be delivered within next 4week) a white 3dr titanium 1.6TDCi with full kit (as I cover over 30,000 miles annually). I was thinking of having the stripes added once I received it to make mine look like an S1600. Comments please Thanks
  2. Production Date Pushed Back

    Hi Guys. I ordered my 1.6TDCI Titanium with full dress-up kit in Frozen White, 2 weeks ago and they have told me mine is being built in Germany on 20th May for delivery to Dealer on 12th June. It better not be late !
  3. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Getting my 1.6TDCI in 11 weeks time (5th July 2010) in Frozen White with full dress-up kit. I will be clocking up about 120 miles on my daily commute on the M5. ( so about 35,000 miles annually with other trips etc ) Will let you know my mpg when I get it.
  4. New car millages....

    Getting my 1.6TDCI in 11 weeks time (5th July 2010) in Frozen White with full dress-up kit. I will be clocking up about 35,000 miles a year. And no I am NOT a Rep ! :)
  5. Clean Clean Clean

    Hiya - STUNNING ! Seeing yours makes me pleased I have ordered Frozen White. Question : Have you Chipped or rempapped your TDCI ? Was thinking of doing mine through Bluefin (Superchip) What you think ?
  6. Hi Ronnie - Just come across your post about remapping your Fiesta, have you had it done yet? I'm interested in getting mine done. Cheers, Mark

  7. Pleased To Meet U All

    Hi Everyone, I'm Mark and I live in Somerset with my wife and our 2 kids I have just placed an order for a new Fiesta to replace my 6yr old Mondeo that has covered just over 155,000 miles. Dealer says the Fiesta is about 12weeks away so hoping to have it by beginning of July. Can't wait !!!! B) I chose the 1.6 TDCI Titanium 3door in Frozen white with full dress-up kit and optional extra 16in 7spoke alloys. I did read some of the forums when deciding on my car specification and colour. Hope I have chosen wisely. I commute 120miles daily ( 30,000 annually ) so I hope I get good mpg, although I did see a few posts from some of you about poor mpg. I did challenge my Dealer about this and they assured me the new fiesta has the new 95hp 1.6 engine and with the miles I cover I "should" achieve close to the advertise 67mpg. Lets hope so.....!!!!! Hope to chat with some of you very soon.. M.