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  1. New Galaxy

    Well new ot me. Moved up/along/down from my Mondeo. I like it anyway Will need some help with the in car DVD player soon. Any experts about ?
  2. Mk3 Front N/s Rattle

    Turns out it was the spring.
  3. Mk3 Front N/s Rattle

    Roger that. Any makes to look for ?
  4. Mk3 Front N/s Rattle

    Yer doing that tomorrow. Just preemtting the problem questions :)
  5. Been told its usually the link rods Are these the badgers I need then ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-Mondeo-2001-07-FRONT-SUSPENSION-DROP-LINK-RODS-x2-/350621186874
  6. Tow Hitch On A Mk3

    The distructions are saying
  7. Tow Hitch On A Mk3

    Just got to work out which part of the bumper to cut now. The 'diagram' isn't the best, going to fit reversing beepers while I'm at it.
  8. Tow Hitch On A Mk3

    Def the cassis the hole didn't line up but the side brackets are on now. Yer pushing the exhaust rubber off :) Its happened before. I was working on my bike and I did both of them , I couldn't grab them to pull them back in place so had to ask someone walking past to do it :)
  9. Tow Hitch On A Mk3

    Nice to see the pre drilled/made holes in the rear chassis line up NOT :) Then I dislocated my thumb so thats it for tonight
  10. Tow Hitch On A Mk3

    Well its in the kit it will go on :)
  11. Tow Hitch On A Mk3

    Mine just seems to be the wires coming out of the socket and a unit that you wire in thats a buzzer http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121047380265
  12. Tow Hitch On A Mk3

    Relay ? Or the buzzer ? (same thing probably) :)
  13. Tow Hitch On A Mk3

    Cool thanks. Kit comes with a buzzer. |Wahst the 15amp supply for then ? Fridges and such ?
  14. would I need a 'relay' or can I just scotchlock/solder into the wires for the lights ?
  15. Had to change the battery on the key but now the key isn't recognised. How do I reset the key please. It is the fob without any buttons. Thanks