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  1. Happy Birthday micksilver!

  2. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Artscot I cant find your report on the watchdog site? can you post a link?
  3. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Thanks for that Andy, I'll look at removing the wheel arch to see if I can find the problem, did your problem occur with the car parked uphill, because I have no real option other than parking uphill on a steep drive?
  4. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    The same problem has just started on my 2009 Focus, front and rear foot-wells on the drivers side are both very wet, I phoned the local ford dealership who told me water ingress is only covered in the 1st year of warranty. They said they would take a look and do an initial water test for around £50 then if they found anything they would try to get Ford to cover the cost., but I'm extremely dubious this would happen, I'm very disappointed with the situation it could end up costing me a fortune.Could anyone tell me how the water gets from the front to the back foot-well, (my car is always parked facing uphill on a steep drive)
  5. I have 5 litres of Carlube 5w30 semi synthetic oil which i bought for a previous car, is it suitable for my 1.8 ford focus petrol engine. see spec below! Carlube 5W30 Semi Synthetic Motor Oil Carlube 5w30 Semi Synthetic Engine oil is a high specification oil suitable for Ford Zetec petrol and diesel engines and the Duratorq diesel engine. Specifications: API SL/CF, ACEA A1 B1, Ford M2C913-A/B
  6. Reverse Gear Selection

    I'm struggling to get reverse gear on my 2009 1.8 focus style, the gear seems to locate fine but I get the usual grating of gears when I engage the clutch, I might try 3 or 4 times before I get the gear correctly but even when I am successful it feels no different to the previous unsuccessful attempts. Anybody had similar problems? the car still has a year left on its warranty so I can always take it to the dealers to see what they think.Might just need a bit of adjustment.
  7. Condensation

    Anybody got problems with their focus misting up, I'm on my second Focus style and both have misted up badly. I was hoping my first car was a one off but unfortunately this one is just as bad. When I leave work mine is always the one with the most condensation in the car park. Anyone got a solution?
  8. Remove Cd Player

    Try this link it tells you how to replace the cd player http://www.jamessimpson.co.uk/ford-focus-mk2-5-2008-stereo-removal micksilver
  9. Ford 6000 Cd For Ford Sony Cd

    See the link below on how to remove A Ford Focus 2009 Ford 6000 CP player http://www.jamessimpson.co.uk/ford-focus-mk2-5-2008-stereo-removal
  10. Ford 6000 Cd For Ford Sony Cd

    Thanks for that, how did you remove the dash trim without causing any damage and do I need any of those CD player removal keys you see advertised on ebay?
  11. 1.8 Petrol (2008) Duratec He Titanium

    I own a 2009 1.8 Focus Style with the same engine and it idles quietly and smoothly, if fact you hardly know the engines running!
  12. Ford 6000 Cd For Ford Sony Cd

    I'm thinking about changing my Ford 6000CD unit for a Ford Sony CD on my 2009 Focus, so I can use the mp3 option.I just wondered if this is a straight swop and if the column stalk controls would still work with the Sony unit,has anybody done the same modification and if so how difficult is the exchange?
  13. Engine Temperature

    I have just purchased a 2009 Ford Focus 1.8 (Petrol) the car engine reaches operating temperature after about 3 minutes diving approx 1 mile. Is this normal? it seems to happen far too quickly. Once its reaches temperature it stays firmly on 90 degrees C. Anyone Know anything about this?
  14. Oil For 2008 Focus 1.8 Tdci

    I've just found out that my mechanic mate has been using 10/40 grade Magnetec oil when servicing my car rather than a 5w/30 grade. So for the last year i've had the wrong oil in my car, will this have damaged my engine?