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  1. My dealer told me if I use ethanol fuel (E85), then I need an extra oil change every year. Otherwise it's two years.
  2. Not ideal, no. And the TCU still isn't fixed. They say it's a software issue that must be fixed by the factory. It's going in again in a couple of weeks. They say they will have to remove the TCU unit and do something to it. Not getting my hopes up that will fix my speed tolerance setting gone missing.
  3. Car went in for a repair attempt on the TCU unit (emegency call fault message). Came back withe everything reset to factory defaults. Had to seek all the radio channels etc. The Sync4 software version stayed the same (23095 rev. 807), but at least one menu item has vanished: The possibility to set a speed tolerance for the automatic speed sign recognition and overspeed warning (it is now permanently set at +5km/h). This also affects the "intelligent" speed limiter, which is set at +5km/h by default. Also gone is the possibility to permanently disable said speed sign recognition. It is now possible to disable only for the ongoing dive, it will be re-enabled at next start-up.
  4. Seems to have done the trick. No ding-dings for a few days now.
  5. All my settings appear to be unchanged after the update. Even the radio stations are as they were before. I disabled some notifications in the map app. None of the descriptions for the notifications matched my problem and I have never been in a situation where those would notify me anyway, but I don't need notifications for things such as watching my fuel range or passing over borders. I can read my fuel gauge and I know which country I'm driving in. Let's see if any of those helps.
  6. I don't want to turn off the chime for upcoming turns. Besides, this chime isn't for upcoming turns because navigation isn't even on when I start the car. This chime is for something else and it doesn't even do it every time I start up. Still it annoys me. EDIT: Sync 4 for me. And it also announces upcoming turns in the instrument cluster, so the built-in navigation works well for me.
  7. It didn't ding-ding on me before. And it doesn't even do it every time. Just another annoying 'announcement' that comes when I start up.
  8. My car was in for some repairs and when it came back, I noticed the SYNC unit was updated with new software (new version: 23095 rev. 807). Since then, the car has made a strange chime every time I start it up. It's the same "DING-DING" as when the satnav is announcing an upcoming turn or a traffic camera. There is no info screen of any kind accompanying it. What can it be?
  9. Car went to the dealer's with this problem and came back with a new TCU, but still the same problem ("Emergency call malfunction"). Seems Ford is having software problems when coding new hardware to cars. My car isn't the only one with problems at my dealer's. They changed the ABS at the same time and it took them five weeks (!) to get it coded to my vehicle. And they couldn't code the TCU at all.
  10. I think the heating problem comes if the phone is not centered exactly on the charging coil. The MagSafe charger for iPhones centers the coil exactly and thus generates less waste energy and heat.
  11. The first time I had a Mk4 for a test drive, I tried putting my iPhone on the wireless charging pad. The wireless charging of my phone immediately broke. It made a short charging sound and then never charged wirelessly again. Luckily the phone was repaired on warranty (replaced back plate, motherboard and battery), but I am still very wary of wirelessly charging my phone in my Mk4.5. I do charge my phone with my MagSafe charger every time though. Common sense tells me one can't break the phone with even a faulty wireless charging pad, but I'm still too scared to use the charger in my car.
  12. Car went in for a replacement of the ABS unit and TCU (telematics control) unit. The ABS unit had some faults and replacing it should get rid of the mHEV problems, while a new TCU should get rid of the Emergency call fault error that keeps popping up on every start. At the same time, the should adjust the rear brakes so that they don't howl when I reverse out of my parking space. The called me in the afternoon and said they were having problems programming the new units. The car started acting up and blinking its lights etc. So it will stay in for a while longer than planned. Luckily they lent me a similar Focus, so I can still move around.
  13. OK. Then it was something else I was experiencing. To be precise, it has happened only once for me. Warm engine, below freezing weather. Parked with engine on.
  14. Could the rough idle perhaps be the cylinder deactivation function kicking in? My 2022 Focus sometimes idles a little rough (when warm) and I assume it’s because of this.
  15. Motorcraft IS owned by Ford. Probably 100% the same parts as Ford OEM. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorcraft
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