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  1. Non Strarter Mondeo

    artscot???/ were will it be displayed and does the engine have to be running or will it work with just the ignition on
  2. Non Strarter Mondeo

    the battery is running normal load and the fault had only happend twice in 8 months now it happens every time. i have removed starter and tested it all seems ok i was told either coil pack reciever or immobilizer unfortunatly funds are to low to play around to much. thanks
  3. Non Strarter Mondeo

    thanks artscot will go try now i had a feeling about crankshaft sensor but unsure many thanks
  4. Non Strarter Mondeo

    hi all i have a 1.8 mondeo on a 98 r its developed a starting fault were it will not turn over on the key it primes fuel pump and all other electrical functions work .It hasnt done it in days but yesterday it left me stranded on the forcourt and ended up having to bump it meself (not easy ).any advice or suggestions will be welcomed many thanks dan