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  1. I lost my main car key this wekend - doghhhhh! I have yet to go to the stealer to see how much for a new remote key. Does anyone suggest any idea's that would be a cheaper option?
  2. I like these forums but I am fed up with problems and doom and gloom. But I hope to change that! I have previously had 3 Mondeos as company cars and they suited me well. I have since gone on to take the cash alternative to company cars and have loved and cherished my last drive, which was a British Racing Green Jagwar X-Type Sport V6 petrol. I doted after her and would not park next to another car in the car park....she was washed most weekends, wife and children thought I was obssessed - I was! However reallity checked in and it was not cheap to run and with holidays looming a more practical car was needed - so she has gone!!!!! Not from the heart though! So at last I have returned to Mondeo land with a Mk 3 Ghia TDci (facelift version and 45 mpg!). I have to admit that the Mondeo is every bit as nice to drive as a Jaguar (some filisteins might say it is the same car!! - ignorance is bliss! ) and it is also fun to drive where with the Jagwar I had lost the fun element of driving and got too embroiled with the decadance of the Jagwar. Its Great to be back here and in Mondeo land and loving it!!