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  1. Need some help with keys

    ok sent it to you via pm :)
  2. Need some help with keys

    thanks :) thought as much although is there away to make 100% sure it has RCL? would calling ford and giving me the VIN number of my car give me a definitive answer? also were ALL Zetecs sold with RCL standard? (Fiesta Zetec 1.4 5dr 2003) Sorry for tha questions just trying to put my mind at rest as I would like to have RCL :) cheers chris
  3. Hi, i Just brought a ford fiesta Zetec (53 plate). However it only came with one key (a little annoyed about this but i got the car for a reasonable price). I have looked around the internet trying to find out how to get a new key and it seems like i have to get another through ford...which might be rather pricey :( is there another way to get duplicate keys with only one original key (without going through ford?). Also it didnt have a remote key with it, being a zetec (late 2003 model) I would have thought it would have had remote locking. Is there a way to check if it has remote locking if so how would i go about doing this? Regards Chris