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  1. Mk4 Escort Sunroof Help?????

    Hi, I also need help with a mk4 sunroof problem!! Does anyone on here know where I can buy the framework for the sunroof, mine has rusted away and does not operate the sunroof any more!? Please help??
  2. Mk4 Tilt/slide Sunroof

    Hi, I have a mk4 Eclipse, it has the factory fitted tilt and slide sunroof, unfortunately the mechanism has gone rusty and no longer operates, are these standard sizes and would a sunroof from any vehicle fit it if I went to the local scrap yard?? Thanks
  3. Clutch Problem

    Thanks for all the responses, this morning on my way to work, the clutch gave up completely, had to call the AA to be recovered!!! The car was an AA driving school car before I had it, so this could add to the excessive wear of the clutch?
  4. Clutch Problem

    Hello, I have a 2007 Focus 1.6 Zetec, it's done just over 55'000 miles and yesterday the clutch pedal went all soft and the biting point is now right at the top of the pedal, it has also started to slip when pulling uphill, is this a sign that the clutch is on it's way out? and would this be covered by my 3 year Ford warranty???