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  1. Unresponsive Central Locking

    Tried the spare key, exactly the same, Is there anything else I can try?
  2. Unresponsive Central Locking

    Hi All, For quite some time I have had an issue, where im pressing the unlock button on my car key and it doesnt unlock, normally after mashing the button 4-5 times it does it, I get it pretty much everyday, it feels slow, sometimes im at the car before its unlocked! COmpared to my dad's focus his is instant and very quick, unfortunately dont know any other fiesta owners. Car is under warranty until september so I may take it in, WIll try my spare key to see if its the same, have changed batteries before anybody posts that. Ash
  3. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    pics would be good!! Nice job boys, glad theres hope at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Ben... There are 2 wires from the cig lighter (white blue and brown from memory) which is which? im looking for the earth so i can check mine is all earthed correctly to the car. Thanks in advance, Ash
  5. Kensington Liquidaux Deluxe

    I had this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Griffin-6300NRCBL-Noise-Reducing-Audio-Cable/dp/B00236OHXK it worked great.
  6. Kensington Liquidaux Deluxe

    It has adjustable sides, so you do have to slot the ipod in then move the sides to fit, easy enough. It did hinder the gears a little (2nd mainly) so had to kind of spin the base anti clockwise out of the way, not the best. I recently brought a brodit car holder with an apple to usb+3.5mm tucked behind dash into a usb cig charger. much cleaner, wish i had done it properley the first time rather then buying twice!!
  7. Mk 7 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers

    Thread is screaming for a guide on how to remove those rear panels :P
  8. Kensington Liquidaux Deluxe

    I Had this, it works well with the remote control on the steering wheel, but i did get some buzzing issues with the charger, so i had to use a seperate Noise filtering 3.5mm cable from the headphone socket. dont buy cheap for cables.
  9. Hi Guys, Ive got the Mk7 Zetec s with Aux Only. Ive recently bought a brodit phone holder, and run one of these adapters to both the aux and cigarette lighter for charging. http://www.amazon.co.uk/iPhone-3-5mm-Audio-Dock-Cable/dp/B002ATMN22 It works fine but... When the USB is plugged into my cigarette lighter charger i get a 'whine' when the engine is on through the stereo and if i turn the volume up on the radio (to say 13+) i also get a dull buzzing/fuzzing. (although this happens even with no cigarette lighter). Noise is quite annoying for quiet/mellow songs. Does anybody have the same issue? Ive done a little research, but does anybody know what the ground location for the cigarette lighter is? I've read its because the radio and cigarette lighter don't ground at the same point. Bit of a nooblet at all of this. Cheers, Ash
  10. Seeing as though my soldering skills suck, i did look at adding an additional cig lighter Last week but i decided against and I ordered pretty much the same parts as your (Headphone+usb split into apple Dock Connector and Mini usb charger) and brought the brodit kit, then running wiresdown behind the dash plastics and neatly out to the aux and cigarette lighter, nicely tidied away and hidden, will post pics when its done.
  11. Ben, How did you go about hard wiring the 12V power to come out of the secret compartment? is it difficult? Ive just ran my aux lead behind the plastics like you but a bit stuck for the charger. Ive ordered a brodit and a iphone holder so will be the same position as yours. Also throwing this out to everyone anybody have issues with static sound using the aux input? WHen i have my ipod plugged in i can hear static/fuzzing, really annoys me, had it ever since i had the car and stealer doesnt know whats up with it. I get alternator whine when theres nothing plugged into it aswell (lead is in but no ipod on other end) not sure if its somehow related. Cheers, Ash
  12. New Fiesta Ordered!

    whilst I can appreciate there are some potentially rather large issues, id imagine they are all fixable with the right mechanic ad not skimping on parts. All cars require tyres, depends on what make you buy, £600 seems rather steep even for a full set of tyres unless you have titanium X sport Tyres. You should get 20k out of new tyres anyway. Id imagine that your £300 servicing cost includes additonal work to be carried out, a standard service wouldnt cost that much. unless its major service which is every other year? same as the fiesta. You could even purchase an aftermarket warranty and still have a hell of alot of cash left over and piece of mind. Im not having a go, just annoys me when people justify buying a new car as a cost saving exercise, it isn't. All this aside enjoy the car, because the fiesta's are fantastic. Id imagine yours is alot more comfortable then mine as i have the 17" wheels.
  13. Vision Blue Zs With Gloss Black Wheels?

    Black definately doesnt suit the colour, I love the look of the standard wheels, like you say especially after a good clean. Nice :) i wish i had a blue one :(
  14. New Fiesta Ordered!

    WHilst the fiesta looks nice, surely there was another reason to trade in a mondeo? Because it costs £98 to fill up, your paying an extra £4000 for a newer car, plus depreciation etc. The fiesta will still costs ~£50/55 to fill up, its going to take you a hell of alot of miles to make up that £4000, Trading in a perfectly good car for a brand new one isnt cost saving. You will probably lose that 4k difference within 2 years of having this fiesta. if anything your not saving at all.
  15. Pioneer Speakers

    can you fit a sony HU into a car that has the standard HU?? i thought you couldnt as its factory fit and the fascia wouldnt work?