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  1. Instant mpg no longer showing

    When i picked my car up on wednesday and i flicked through the readout for mpg etc. it showed the instant mpg aswell as the average, since i have reset them i know longer get it, all it shows is the average. Any ideas on how to get it back??
  2. My 2005 2.0 TDCI Focus Titanium

    Thanks mate. this remap sounds very good, yeah it is very punchy off the mark, very easy to light tyres up in 1st n 2nd. It'll be good to see your results as i could be very tempted with getting mine remapped. I've seen some piggyback units on Ebay for about £100 that claim to take it from 136bhp to 160bhp but bit dubious of something like that off there.
  3. clutch/brake noise??

    Hiya shaz4473 did getting the clutch changed make any difference to it as my gf has a ka and it makes the similar noise.
  4. My 2005 2.0 TDCI Focus Titanium

    It's quite a change for me as i had a Pug 206 2.0hdi 90bhp until 3weeks ago when i wrote it off, i looked a few focus's but they just had basic spec then i saw this focus and a 1.9cdti 120bhp Astra. As you can tell the focus won, i picked it up Wednesday its a 05 reg with 44k on the clock. The 136bhp engine is very lively for a diesel and the 6speed gearbox is brilliant, only thing i find annoying is the position of the handbrake.
  5. Thought i would put some pictures of my Focus on here.
  6. Deactivating passanger airbag

    Ah right, thanks mate. Any idea on what sort of price i would be looking at?
  7. Deactivating passanger airbag

    Hi, i have just bought a 2005 2.0 tdci titanium focus and was wondering if anyone knows how to deactivate the passanger airbag. I have looked through the manual but to no avail, all i can find is something about there being a switch in glovebox or a button in centre console near heated window button is, i dont appear to have either. Thanks Simon
  8. Newbie here from Lincolnshire

    Hiya, i am new here and was wondering if anyone on the forums arranges regional meets?