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  1. Ford Fusion Brake Light Help

    Blimey, you're right, it isn't straight forward!! Thanks for the advice, I would never have figured it out!
  2. Ford Fusion Brake Light Help

    Help needed!! A rear brake light has packed up on my Fusion and I have no idea how to get to it to swap it out!! There is no access panel on the inside and the only way that I can see to get it is two torx screws attaching the lense unit to the bodywork. Is this how to gain access to the bulb? It's also a 2006 reg if that is any help.
  3. Annoying Rattle!!

    Wahey, it's fixed!! I pulled everything off the drivers seat that I could and got my wife to hold the seat belt buckle still while I moved the seat backwards and forwards. Guess what? The rattle was still there!! Damn! So, I laid down in the footwell behind the seat and got the wife to move the seat backwards and forwards and just by chance, I spotted a pound coin had fallen between the frame on the seat and the runners attached to the floor. When I say fallen, I suspect it had been pushed in by a child of the previous owners because there was no way it could fall in. So, rattle gone and I'm a pound up on the deal!!
  4. Annoying Rattle!!

    Right, I've traced the rattle to it's source and it's a bit tricky. It appears to be coming from the seatbelt socket attached to the seat. It's sounds like something plastic rattling about inside and lord knows how it got there. Can they be opened without damaging it?
  5. Annoying Rattle!!

    I have pushed the seat back as far as it will go to no avail but I didn't think of pushing it all the way forward. I will give it a go this evening. Fingers crossed!
  6. Annoying Rattle!!

    Hi, I have a 2006 Ford Fusion which has an extremely annoying rattle which I have traced to the drivers seat. It appears to be coming from the left hand side near the hinge of the seat, where the back adjustment knob is located. I have taken off all the cheap plastic housing in that area and checked all the metal framework and fittings which appear to be tight. This is driving me round the bend, so has anyone else had a similar noise and if so, how the hell did you fix it!!