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  1. Hello, Can anyone explain how I can retrieve my CDs from a mal-functioning CD6006 player please?....eject won't work!!
  2. How To Remove Rear Bumper Fiesta Mk6?

    No, No.....if the new, latest, shape Fiesta is a Mk7 then mine is a Mk6!!!....but I'd still like to know how to remove the rear bumper!...
  3. How To Remove Rear Bumper Fiesta Mk6?

    Hello, My question is supposed to read 2004 Fiesta Mk5 not Mk6!!.....any help appreciated...
  4. Hello, can someone advise me how to remove the rear bumper on a 2004 Mk6 Fiesta please?.......many thanks
  5. Ford 6006 6-Disc Player

    Hello again, Can anyone offer any other advice re this please?........ta
  6. Hello, Can anyone help/advise please?......will a Ford 6006e 6-cd changer, from a 2004 model year Focus, fit and play in my 2000 model year?......I seem to remember that when Ford introduced the Phase2 of the Focus Mk1 they also upgraded the audio wiring with something digital and hence why the player which I've bought may not play in my car and hence my question!!.....many thanks.......Gerard.
  7. Hello, Can anyone help please? I recently purchased, via ebay, a 6-disc Ford 6006 player as a replacement for the standard radio in my sis's 2001 Ford Focus. It was described, on ebay, as full working order etc......however, it isn't and despite battles with ebay and Paypal they won't action.........the problem is that it will not allow me to input any code numbers at all. The power is OK and you can hear the changer working within the unit. It is as though all the attempts to input the security code have been maxed out. Is there a way round it other than spending another £90 quid taking it to a Ford dealer? Thanks.
  8. Ford 6006 6-Disc Player

    Hello,.....and thanks for responses....yes, I've left it connected for 24hours but still won't give me the opportunity to input the security code........so I guess I'll have to take it to a radio specialist.....brgds.
  9. Ford 6006 6-Disc Player

    Thank you for your response......the security code no. is correct.....the unit will not allow me to input any code.....Can anyone help please?.....
  10. Ford 6006 6-Disc Player

    I recently bought a Ford 6006 6-disc player via ebayer.....long story but does not work and ebay/Paypal can't help.....It won't allow me to enter the security code......it is as though all attempts have been maxed out.....power is going thru' ok.......can anyone advise how to fix please?......thank you....