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  1. I have tried this guide with the screwdriver, is it just a case of keep persevering? Because as yet it is not working for me, screwdriver directly above the wire pressure applied by my husband and me turning the key! Nothing not even a click. Please give me some advice if you can. Thank you, Carol
  2. Engine Management Light

    That's really worth it, let me know the exact one you bought, sounds like a good investment for the future. Carol
  3. Engine Management Light

    Update on Engine Management light. Ford have had it on the Diagnostic tester and the fualt showing is an actual hose that leads into the DPF and no the actual DPF Phew!! So thats the story so far, the hose is is being replaced tomorrow and hopefully once a recheck is done then it doesn't flag up anything else fingers crossed guys and gals, will keep you posted. Carol
  4. Engine Management Light

    Update on engine management light, after the diagnostic test the error is from the DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER DPF. Garage does not want commit to the repair, so it's now sitting at a ford garage, he did give me a price for the part though, so I will know if after the ford diagnostic if they price me crazy money for the same part if it reads the same error that is at least I will know if they are ripping me off. Carol
  5. Engine Management Light

    I think I will just rely on my mechanic at the garage instead of throwing money away, thanks for the quick reply mike. Carol
  6. Engine Management Light

    Forgot to ask does any one know if the little code readers off the eBay web site are any good ? Carol
  7. Engine Management Light

    Will put it into the garage this week and keep you updated, thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
  8. Engine Management Light

    Hi any help or advice welcome, just bought a 07 ford focus sport diesel, driving it home and the engine management light came on after about 210 miles of driving, is this serious, never owned a diesel before, hubby has a 2l 05 plate mondeo diesel with no problems, well his eml has never came on. Thanks Carol
  9. Temperature Gauge

    Every thing okay on that score, vehicle has been running about all day today, no overhating in the engine, just the needle going up to the red every now and again. Behaving and sitting normally sometimes, then just for no reason climbs into the red again.
  10. Hi can any one help, my Ford Mondeos Temperature Gauge is misbehaving sometimes by going of the scale even when started from cold, changed the thermostat thinking this was the problem, but still doing it. The automatic fan in the engine keeps triggering on, is the problem one of my sensors and if so which one? I have been reading there are two in other posts! My Mondoe is a W (2000) Reg 1.8 petrol. Carol