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  1. Mondeo Mk4 Mpg

    Yep switching on any electronics will take some power out of the engine as the alternator has to work harder to recharge the battery, but if you're sat there uncomfortable because you switched your climate control off to save fuel then you'll probably drive worse than normal! In general though switch off things like the CD player, don't just turn the volume down on it. Only use full beam if you need it as that uses far more power than normal headlights. Big users of power are electric motors (wipers, aircon, adjustable seats), heaters(heated seats, windscreen defrost etc) and bright lights (headlights). Another thing too is that coasting in neutral actually uses more fuel than rolling up to a junction in gear as the ECU will shut the fuel supply off to the engine after a couple of seconds until you touch the accelerator again, whereas in neutral you're maintaining engine revs at tickover (about 800 on mine). Also the engine braking will decrease wear on your brake pads, though possibly increase wear on the clutch if you're doing it constantly. In reality electrical things aren't going to make more than about 10% total difference to your efficiency, its more about your driving style and the types of journey you are making, but as they say at Tesco - Every little helps, so switch off the stuff you don't need. Good luck saving money, Paul
  2. Mondeo Mk4 Mpg

    I get 54 mpg when driving to work, and on longer journeys about 58. I try to drive efficiently, so set cruise control at 70 on motorways. Despite what people say about changing gear as soon as possible, make sure you're above 1500 revs before you accelerate or the engine will labour and use far more fuel. Take your foot off and use engine breaking when coming to junctions, roundabouts etc. Cruise control can be good but not on hilly roads, as it will accelerate 'blindly' whereas you would wait to get to the top before you accelerate as its a steep hill, the car doesn't know that and may use more fuel accelerating at bad times. When you're on cruise control the engine seems most efficient at 2000 revs, though if you're driving manually you can get away with down to 1500rpm and still get relatively good mpg. When driving in town, you can lift your foot very gently and not touch the accelerator to creep forwards when in slow traffic, to save on revving the engine, though this may increase wear on the clutch. The engine is at its lowest efficiency when cold as the ECU should run the engine with a higher fuel:air ratio when starting to reduce wear, much like old cars with chokes. When it reaches about 60 degrees, usually after 5-10mins the ECU will revert back to its normal fuel:air mix, so longer journeys will give greater overall efficiency. So to summarise: Short journeys and when its cold reduce your mpg. Make sure you're not making the engine labour (keep between 1500-2500 revs at all times) Cruise control can be useful but keep your eye on the rev counter. Hope this helps, Paul