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  1. Your Experience In Buying A Brand New Fiesta

    They did exactly that to mine, I was going to ring before collecting but took the gamble :( First job i did when i got home was adjust it to below the Bottom chrome line.
  2. Sync Update 13 Plate Fiesta Econetic 1.0 Titanium

    remove fuse 24, have a look at this for a guide to how to! http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/42846-sync-issue/
  3. Mk7 2010 Boot Opening On Its Own

    Common fault on the Fiesta, its either the boot locking mechanism or the boot opening latch. Ford replaced my boot opening latch on my 2013 Fiesta last week as every time you started the car the boot opened also I could only open the boot using the remote.
  4. Fiesta St2 Discount

  5. Calling All Fiesta St-2 Owners

  6. Mystery Switch

    Oil Slick switch when you have a boyracer in a Corsa on your tail.
  7. Inside Of Windscreen Soaked

    wet carpets! check all your foot wells and spare wheel well for moisture and wetness
  8. All this talk about rejecting a car because your looking at a system that you should not be accessing. Don't go into the ford dealer quoting what etis says or does not say, just have patience your car will be as delivered as ordered and all this fuss will of been for nothing. Your taking the shine of the whole ordering and waiting period for your new Ford.
  9. Ford Sync Gone Wrong Within 1 Week!!

    read this link second post down , enjoy http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/42846-sync-issue/
  10. Ford Sync - Step Backwards

    I've an iPhone 5 and today for the 1st time tried sending text messages via Ford Sync, another FAIL box ticked for Ford Sync Oh and another day where i've had to pull fuse 24 due to the damn thing freezing on auto indexing.
  11. Ford Sync - Step Backwards

    Exactly the same with mine, 'call hoome' and it works a treat!!! Strangely thou if you have a contact in your phone book which has 2 numbers listed under 1 contact name, sync is able to give clear understandable instructions asking if to call 'home or mobile'
  12. Ford Sync - Step Backwards

    The voice recognition is rubbish she can't even grasp 'call home' and the sync voice is robotic and not natural. My sync system fails often and either requires the fuse being pulled to allow the system to reboot or numerous USB pull out and plug in attempts. Yesterday i spent the first 10 miles of my journey getting distracted from driving due to sync giving error messages whilst trying to listen to music on my iPhone. There are numerous postings on this group that prove my problems are not unique.
  13. Ford Sync - Step Backwards