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  1. Air Con Focus 1,8 Tdci

    Hi Has anyone changed the Air con Compresor on a Focus 1.8 TDCI 03 plate? I have a horrible rattle on startup then all is quiet
  2. Noisy Air Con

    I was going to fit a belt for a non air con and by pass the pump
  3. Noisy Air Con

    I have a Focus 1.8 tdci on a 03 plate 100400 mls On starting there is a very loud ratting that sounds like its coming from the air con pump I have changed the tenioner and pulley Will a belt from a none air con fit? in order to eliminate the noise? its onl on starting
  4. Knock when acelerating and Decelerating

    Thanks will investigate
  5. Knock when acelerating and Decelerating

    I have changed the gearbox mounting and the mounting under the air filter It hapens every time you take your foot off the throttle and when and accelerating very annoying have checked everything for tightness totaly baffled everyone who has heard it
  6. Help FOCUS TDCI 1.8 03 plate I have a funny knocking sound when I take my foot off the Accelerator just one knock I have changed two of the engine mountings the one underneath and the one under the air filter but to no avail Any sugestions please