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  1. Ordered A 2011 X Pack Sport

    I'm waiting for delivery of my 2011 X Pack Sport 2,0 163PS TDCi (plus a few toys). It's a company car which is intended to take the family on trips and me on longer business trips when I don't want to put as many miles on my privately owned 5 series Touring (excellent car). Ordering the car was a bit of a struggle given the lack of detailed information about the face-lifted model, and despite the best efforts of a knowledgeable dealer to get as much information as he could get to me (did a great job) I still have a couple of fingers crossed in terms of what spec I'm actually going to see when I get the car (build date is approx May 7th and anticipate delivery in the last week of May). But that isn't my main concern... I have no idea how many S Max have been sold, nor the percentage of people that have had what reads like some pretty serious problems with their cars. Stealers - oops - sorry - I meant to say dealers ;) have a questionable reputation whatever the manufacturer they allegedly support and are by nature a fairly negative bunch of people that deal with a constant stream of customers who have either a broken car or a large bill to discuss (when was the last time you dropped into your service department to report that everything was just fine and thanked the service receptionists for being the friendliest, most efficient and open minded people? Me neither). So I'm looking for a little support here, please - how many people are happy with the car? Anyone signing up here for the first time might observe that the S Max has a bad reputation - the negative comments are far easier to find than the positives. Have I done the right thing? Do you like your S Max and do you think it's suitable for family transport (albeit a few short trips between premature tyre changes with the self opening windows fully and uncloseably lowered which maybe isn't a bad thing given what I've read about the air con :P ). Surely they can't ALL be broken, can they? Thanks - I'd appreciate your views