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  1. Same set up as me then.. but I've got an iPod Touch. Maybe its a Touch thing then
  2. Hmm ok - can I check what aet up you are using? I was using a Ford original 3.5mm cable from my ST and a genuine Apple USB cable. I ordered a Y-cable off eBay which affected the sound quality, but did play the iPod as soon as I got in the car. I've since sent that back and ordered a shorter 3.5mm cable with the iPod USB. Am I better off maybe trying a different USB cable??
  3. Will This Y-Cable Work?

    I've obviously had a bad one then, its going back in the post today for a refund!
  4. Will This Y-Cable Work?

    I don't know how the OP got on with this, but I bit the bullet and ordered one which arrived on Saturday morning.. went away for the weekend, so perfect chance to try it out. In all honestly, what a complete and utter waste of £8!! The sound quality is awful, the 3.5mm cable needs to be hanging out of the socket in order to get the stereo play in stereo and it crackles. Back to my trusty iPod cable and 3.5mm cable set up me thinks!
  5. Just out of interest, can you confirm that you don't have to reconnect your iPod every time you get in the car? I just bought the cheap Y-Cable from eBay, but it made the sound quality awful and crackly, so I'm going back to my tried and tested iPod cable and 3.5mm AUX cable. The only issue with this is that every time I get in the car, I have to disconnect the iPod and reconnect it which is a right PITA! I've tried doing it from the USB port but that doesn't work, it has to be from the iPod itself. I'd like to do as you have done and 'hide' the iPod away somewhere.. but there's no point if I have to keep reconnecting it when I get in and out!
  6. Will This Y-Cable Work?

    Let us know how you get on as I'm looking for an alternative to the wire city I have at the moment!
  7. Climair Wind Deflectors

    72 views and no reply.. :(
  8. Just got a set of these for my birthday, so have been out this morning trying to fit the things... They are supposed to be 'easy to fit' but I've just spent 30 mins getting them in place, putting the window up only for it to go straight back down again!! Driving me mad - and the 'picture instructions' are not much use. Does ANYONE have any tips for getting these fitted on a Mk7?! HELP!!
  9. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Had the car a week and I'm getting 41 MPG - VERY happy :) I do a short stint on the motorway on a morning and then dual carriageway coming home, plus a little of of town driving. Loving it!!!
  10. So I've got an intermittent issue with my USB/iPod Touch connection - only had the car since Friday and already problems :( When I got home on Friday, first thing I did was connect the iPod Touch up - no sound :( Kept connecting and disconnecting it and eventually it started to play through the stereo. Come out on Saturday morning, connect it all up - works first time! I'm impressed. Get in the car on Sunday, hook the iPod Touch up, it just defaulting to Line In now, even though the iPod is charging so there is obviously a connection via the USB for it to be doing that? I've got into the menu to try and chose USB or iPod, but its greyed out and won't let me select either. Gave up with it yesterday as it was just annoying me, so back in the car this morning to go to work and its still not detecting the iPod and I can only play music via the Aux connection... Any ideas?! The dealer is due to call me today to see if everything is okay, so will obviously mention it to them, but is it something I'm doing wrong? I'm using the official iPod cable that came in the box and an old 3.5mm aux lead that I had in my ST.
  11. is as happy as a pig in !Removed!.. got my car and its LUSH!

  12. Gel Overlays

    Just about to order my overlays from DMB, but wanted to check what centre cap size I order.. I've got the 16" wheels on the car as I'm planing on changing these at a later date to non-buckling 17" rims. I'm thinking its 55mm - but need confirmation from someone who has their car!!! Picking mime up this afternoon, but wanted to order the overlays so they arrive early next week :)
  13. This Website Now Very Slow

    Has anyone noticed that the site also shows new posts (from yesterday)in the forum listing, but when you click to read the thread the posts are from days ago and not new?!
  14. This Website Now Very Slow

    Very slow here - using Firefox on a PC
  15. Collecting mine on Friday, but it arrived at the dealers yesterday. ETIS shows build date of 18th May :)