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  1. Have the pano roof on mine and wonder if I have the rattle now.. not sure if it’s just me but I mainly notice when it’s hot - going over bumps in the road I’d say the roof creeks more than rattles, didn’t think much of it when I got it in July (and only done just shy of 5k miles due to lockdown) but now wondering if it’s worth taking into fords!
  2. Good point about how good of a job they would do tbf, that said it’s always looked pretty good after a service at my dealer. I got the car in July last year - tried to book the first one in September, after lots of going back and forwards (I think I must have been the first to try book it in!) it eventually turned out it’s the service department who you book it in with but that’s when they said no due to Covid! Wouldnt surprise me if it’s discontinued it seemed to be pretty hard to find it anywhere in writing.
  3. Hey all When I bought my focus vignale in July last year it was sold with a free monthly car wash - but due to Covid they’ve not been doing these apparently. I know it’s really minor in the scheme of things but a monthly decent car wash does add up - has anyone managed to get theirs clean / vouchers or something towards having it done elsewhere? It seems to be a quite secret perk not very widely advertised and not found much elsewhere!
  4. Hey Just trying to to do this but can’t download the autoinstall file - says it’s deleted or expired or no permissions are you able to upload it here please? Thank you! Edit: just saw you posted a new file in the other topic - thank you!
  5. With the climate bits enabled is it still the wrong way round for driver / passenger on the screen? I seem to remember it being set for left hand drives or something along theM lines!
  6. Mines not working either today and not too much snow here.. maybe a system outage somewhere?
  7. Yeah the 182 - rally fun to drive to be fair, do find it weird they were discontinued, I’d have been more tempted to go for a hybrid if they offered the automatic. Have the adaptive LEDs on mine - really like them although I’ve been flashed a fair amount will get them checked when things calm down abit. Will be keeping g an eye out to see if the digital dash is able to be retrofitted later, saw it’s been possible in some mustangs so am hoping so!
  8. Do wish I had a digital dash - I was torn between getting the 1.5 petrol automatic or getting the new model year with the digital dash in the end went for the 1.5. Hoping sooner rather later it’s possible to replace as a mod!
  9. Able to get a few snaps of the digital dash in focus? Really want to see if it’s possible to do this in a mk4 as a mod later on when it’s possible to get hold of them!
  10. Like everyone else’s mines pretty hit and miss - my fiestas worked pretty much all the time unless I had full air con or heat on. Got the focus around July so with lockdown I’ve hardly done many miles so it’s no real surprise - that said after about a 40 min drive yesterday it did start working today which was a bit of a surprise at first!
  11. I did look at this before - the one thing which put me off is it seems to use Fords app sync feature which as far as I know means you need to disable Car play / Android auto which sort of put me off looking into it any further - be interesting to hear from anyone who has bought it to see if there’s any way round that
  12. This was sort of my thinking that if the car had BLIS as an option it likely had the other 2 but wanted to be certain before buying but think will go for It! Cheers
  13. Ah thought there was one which did move it to the right agreed looks better in pictures - I guess 20196 isn’t officially available from Ford just yet?
  14. Thankfully after turning it all off for 5 mins the menus started to work and the camera come back - was there not a UI which moved the logo to the other side or am I going mad? This is what I see now.
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