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  1. Bringing this back up! My vignale is starting to develop more of a rattle - it seems to be mainly when the cars in drive and stoped with brake / auto brake on. I’d expect abit but not as much - have uploaded a video at the start it’s in drive and then move to park and disappears. Any suggestions what it is I am tempted to take it into Ford.
  2. Did you ever manage to remove the glass? I need to fit new BLIS glass in mine - the videos ive seen they move mirror to face all way down and just pull it off but im either being too hesitant or mine are really stuck!
  3. Hi all So this is all turning into a bit of a minefield but I guess that was to be expected! My main focus so far is on the modules and wiring for them - will worry about the mirrors when I know I’ve got the radars in and working! Was advised the radars JC3T-14C689-AC would be ok for the MK4 focus so have bought a couple of these - I’ve also bought this harness which come from China (admittedly am new to mods especially like this so bought the harness to hopefully make it all abit easier!) Sadly looks like the harness I’ve bought is no good for the sensors - the plastic channels don’t line up properly, my radars are off set to each other whilst the harness I have the 2 plastic channels are in line. Not going to give up yet so just wanted to see if anyone else has done this and with what parts. I am hoping the bits I have already purchased will be of some use still - am on the hunt to see if I can change the plugs to some which fit my radar on the end of the harness I bought - does anyone know the part number for the plugs which would fit the radar? And if anyone more experienced in all this is based near me in Surrey would be more than willing to pay for your time in helping get this done being so new to it! Thanks for any help!
  4. So almost a year on have started looking at this again - I finally got round to taking off the rear bumper, I can’t see the cables for the sensors I bought anywhere - also interestingly compared to the picture above of the BLIS sensors it seems my brackets are the other way round? I did hunt around where I could for the wires but no luck unless anyone else knows where they maybe hiding? if they are not there think will buy the cables below to be safe - and then will need to find where the other end goes! https://gbr.grandado.com/products/for-18-ford-focus-kuga-blind-spot-module-car-monitor-bsm-wiring-harness-cable-1?gclid=CjwKCAjwrPCGBhALEiwAUl9X06-SQar4mcLOl9jdyxTmbHpPGzse3EfnrwMF6-IZPcJ-bl_pUOd9aBoCTaEQAvD_BwE&variant=UHJvZHVjdFZhcmlhbnQ6OTI2NzE3Nzk
  5. Hi all One day would love to upgrade the instrument cluster on my MK4 focus to the new digital one which are now in the latest Focus MY and Pumas. Have been keeping an eye out for them on eBay (still pretty pricey at the moment and rare!) Found one out of a Puma included images below - does anyone know if the ones in the puma are the same part number as in the focus? Would I need to try flash the firmware on it with focus software? looks like the same connection although i sadly doubt it will be as easy as un plugging the old and plugging in the new! Wondering when it come to it if it’s easier to try get one out of a focus than flash a puma one. Cheers Marc
  6. Have the pano roof on mine and wonder if I have the rattle now.. not sure if it’s just me but I mainly notice when it’s hot - going over bumps in the road I’d say the roof creeks more than rattles, didn’t think much of it when I got it in July (and only done just shy of 5k miles due to lockdown) but now wondering if it’s worth taking into fords!
  7. Good point about how good of a job they would do tbf, that said it’s always looked pretty good after a service at my dealer. I got the car in July last year - tried to book the first one in September, after lots of going back and forwards (I think I must have been the first to try book it in!) it eventually turned out it’s the service department who you book it in with but that’s when they said no due to Covid! Wouldnt surprise me if it’s discontinued it seemed to be pretty hard to find it anywhere in writing.
  8. Hey all When I bought my focus vignale in July last year it was sold with a free monthly car wash - but due to Covid they’ve not been doing these apparently. I know it’s really minor in the scheme of things but a monthly decent car wash does add up - has anyone managed to get theirs clean / vouchers or something towards having it done elsewhere? It seems to be a quite secret perk not very widely advertised and not found much elsewhere!
  9. Hey Just trying to to do this but can’t download the autoinstall file - says it’s deleted or expired or no permissions are you able to upload it here please? Thank you! Edit: just saw you posted a new file in the other topic - thank you!
  10. With the climate bits enabled is it still the wrong way round for driver / passenger on the screen? I seem to remember it being set for left hand drives or something along theM lines!
  11. Mines not working either today and not too much snow here.. maybe a system outage somewhere?
  12. Yeah the 182 - rally fun to drive to be fair, do find it weird they were discontinued, I’d have been more tempted to go for a hybrid if they offered the automatic. Have the adaptive LEDs on mine - really like them although I’ve been flashed a fair amount will get them checked when things calm down abit. Will be keeping g an eye out to see if the digital dash is able to be retrofitted later, saw it’s been possible in some mustangs so am hoping so!
  13. Do wish I had a digital dash - I was torn between getting the 1.5 petrol automatic or getting the new model year with the digital dash in the end went for the 1.5. Hoping sooner rather later it’s possible to replace as a mod!
  14. Able to get a few snaps of the digital dash in focus? Really want to see if it’s possible to do this in a mk4 as a mod later on when it’s possible to get hold of them!
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