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  1. Flip key

    hi simcor The vid on your signature for programming remote function of keyfobs has a different way from the description of the ebay's key with 4D60 chip. The seller says that you can program the key to start the engine without diagnostics if you have 2 working keys. I dont know if he is right or wrong but this is not my main problem now because I have a modified elm327. I install cruise control buttons and program them with elmconfing. Does anyone know the procedure to program keys with elmconfing ? My problem is what key to order with 4D60 or 4D63 chip.
  2. Flip key

    Hello I have a 2009 focus and i have one flip remote key and one key with no remote. I want to buy a second flip key. Which key i have to buy for my car with 4D60 chip or with 4D63 chip At the description of the 4D60 chip says that i can program the key myself. Can i program the key myself and for the 4D63 chip? Is the same way to program it or i have to go to a locksmith? thank you
  3. Mk2.5 Steering Wheel

    nice job
  4. Mk2.5 Steering Wheel

    you are right I had put cruise control buttons to my steering wheel. So i had to remove these buttons and to remove them i had to take of the airbag. if your wheel is the 3-spoke you do not have to remove anything except the silver trims
  5. Mk2.5 Steering Wheel

    Hello Finally I decided to keep the cover. Yesterday I put it to the steering wheel. The whole process took me 7 hours. I had to remove the silver trims , the airbag and the cruise control buttons before I stitch the cover. Then to put them all back. The silver trims have 3 tabs. I pull them. One of the 3 tabs of every silver trim teared a little the wheel. I did not understand how to remove them without tear the wheel. Luckily it is not a problem because the trims jam again to the wheel. The reason that It took me so much time is that I did not like the stitching at the photos of the seller and I choose a stitching with 2 threads making a X. I am quite pleased with the result I did not make it to stretch the cover at the spokes. All the spokes have a little gap at the corner.I donot know if is my fault at stitching or the cover is too big at this point. i hope not to be bigger with the time. Especially the upper right spoke have a big gap as you see at the second picture the cover is raised. I start stitching from that spoke and i did not stretch it enough. Someday i will remove the silver trim and try to stretch it, i hope to manage it. The wheel it becomes thicker and that is a nice feeling but it becomes more slippery. djsubtronic is quite difficult to put the cover so choose a day you have not anything to do. I thing that your cover is like mine. Neither yours is for a wheel with silver trims. I believe that if the cover is for the wheel with that trims there will not be a gap at the corners and you will put it more easily. When i buy something i want to get exactly what i order and if the seller say to me that is real leather i except to get real leather and no fraux leather. the only advice i have is to stretch the cover as you can and especially at the corners of the spokes.
  6. Mk2.5 Steering Wheel

    I hope your cover will be ok good luck
  7. Mk2.5 Steering Wheel

    Hello again I received the steering wheel cover and i am very disappointed. first of all it is not real leather. It is a cheap pu leather. and the seller send me a cover that is for a 4 spoke wheel without the silver trims(like the left picture). My wheel is with that silver trims and the appropriate cover had to be like the picture at the right. Before i buy it i had a conversation with the seller. He confirm that is real leather. At the pictures had 3 covers, one for the 3 spoke wheel, one for the 4 spoke wheel without the silver trims and one for the 4spoke wheel with the trims. I emphasized that my wheel is with the silver trims and furthermore he ask me to sent a picture of my steering wheel to choose the appropriate cover for me. Now he persist that is real leather and this cover is for my steering wheel I am from greece and we have capital controls so i was not able to pay him with the aliexpress pay methods so i pay him with paypal. I open a dispute at paypal and i ask for a refund because the seller is dishonest and he deceived me. The paypal close the dispute and say that i have to pay the shipping costs to return the cover and then refund me. The cover cost 16.60$ and the returning shipping cost is 8-9$. this was my second purchase from aliexpress. My first was before 2 years. I buy the cruise control switch for my car and everything was ok. So do not buy like me from sellers that sell things cheap and read the reviews. I buy the cheapest cover that i found from this seller please avoid him. When i buy it, it costs 15.90$ and now it cost 23.11$. I pay and the paypals fees so the total costs was 16.60$ He has no good feedback and no reviews for the cover. I am very sorry that i can not write a review and to leave negative feedback because i do not pay him with aliexpess methods. The are sellers which sells steering wheel covers and at the reviews the buyers saying that the cover is real leather. if you want a cover find this sellers. I dont decide yet if i will place the cover to my wheel or i return it. i believe that the summer sun burn the cover soon. Here is a link from china's youtube how to place the cover. The only possitive thing from this purchase is that the shipping was very fast.I get it 15 days after i pay. He sent me with china post register mail.
  8. Mk2.5 Steering Wheel

    ok i will tell you the news just i received it
  9. Mk2.5 Steering Wheel

    thank you for your answers I have order the cover and when it comes i try to pull them up with more strength. and if they break i will buy some from ebay like the link Stoney give
  10. Mk2.5 Steering Wheel

    Hello I have a mk2.5 focus with the 4spoke wheel with the silver trims. My wheel is the plastic one and i want to get a leather cover like this. To place the cover i have to take out this plastic silver trims from the wheel. i try to loose them but they are glued very well and if i force them little more they will break. Is there a way these trims to come off from my steering wheel without breaking them? This trims have clips or they are just glued on the wheel? thanks
  11. Sunroof Creaking Sound

    Hello i have a 2010 MK2.5 focus with sunroof. Before 2-3 months the sunroof started to make an annoying sound. it is a creaking sound and it becomes louder and more annoying every day. Most of the time when i close the inside cover of the sunroof(this hand sliding cover for making shadow) the sound stops. Have anyone the same problem? I think some bolts of the sunroof's mechanism are loosen. is there an easy way to reach the mechanism?
  12. thank you Wilco for the quick replay. you are right i wasnot setup adapter for ms-can bus. i had select auto select and i thought that i have to do nothing more. the speed test was not working except if i select 9600 baudrate. the max speed that my chip support is 256.000 and that baudrate i select for the constant speed. Now the speed test is working only if i select the 256.000 baudrate and i can read and write to HS-CAN and also to MS-CAN can i read and write the pcm module with that speed or i have to buy another elm327 which support 500.000 thank again wilco
  13. hello i want to fit cruise control to my focus I order an elm327 cable from ebay because the seller said to me that it has an ftdi chip. it came yesterday but it has a pl2303 chip. I modified it today and i try it with elmconfing and with fds programs. The elm_ff2_en has characters that i can not read so i did not try it . the elmconfing and the fds can read and write HS-CAN modules they can not read the MS-CAN modules. with the elmconfing program when i place the switch of the modified elm327 to hs-can and trying to read from GEM it show a CAN ERROR message. i think this is right. but when i place the switch to ms-can and trying to read from gem it show a NO DATA message why is this happens? i check the wires to the switch and they seems ok is there a posibility the not ftdi chip makes the problem and i can not read gem module? have anyone with a pl2303 chip read and write the pcm module or i have to buy another elm cable
  14. hello I want to fit cruise control to my focus 1.6 ti-vct 115ps. This topic have almost 2.100 posts (and i make it bigger). I have reading this topic for 3 hours yesterday and other 2 today (my english is bad) and i am lost Can someone tell me which posts i have to read to understand what to do with the elmconfing software? and fist of all i want to buy from ebay the elm327 cable how can i understand which elm327 cable supports this software. I ask ebay sellers about the chip and i had 2 responses. the first one is using 25K80 chip and the second 340 chip. Is anyone from this chips ok? thank you
  15. hello i have a 2009 focus 1,6 ti vct and i want to know if it is possible to change or convert the 5 speed gearbox to a 6 speed