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  1. So now we are living in turbulent times for everything getting more and more expensive. Me and the missus have retired due to health and I down sized my motor to the modest focus estate. The ecoboost thingy 1 litre engine. Was told it was great. Poppycock. The car inside is the one with all the bells and whistles. An x or something and that I rather like, although the dash and dials seem to get grubby quick and there is always bits of muck and sand getting into every crease of door, chairs and any other crevasse. We don’t go far, local journeys of a couple of miles here and there. Literally a couple of miles max at least 5 times a week. Now here’s the crux, even if I have it on eco and drive like a knob I’m getting horrendous fuel economy. I know the short journeys don’t help. However, a mate of mine is getting between 10 and 20 more miles per gallon in a petrol 3 litre BMW. How can that be right. We are doing the same journeys and distances. The only real difference's, other than his car an tyres weighing in at least a ton heavier…..I think the piled carpet in his probably weighs more than my whole car. Neither of us fill our motors anymore. My boot is nearly always empty yet his is full of work and kids crap. His car has got just over 80,000 miles whilst mine has 3000 ish. When I was choosing a vehicle the sales guy, whom we liked and seemed to know his business, poo pooed my idea of anything hybrid even though it could sit on charge four days a week at someone else’s expense. I’d rather find out going down the route of something I can do about it before kicking up a stink with the dealer and potentially Ford. To say we are unhappy is an understatement. Otherwise the car is fine, the interior works well, the toys suit me and my personal style of driving. The global opening and shutting work well. During the winter the app made sure I had a warm car to get into at half past stupid a clock in the morning. It even cleared the screen and gave me a hot *****. The steering wheel heater almost elevated the car to god like status. But now that fuel has gone up, we are struggling to afford to get out. And this is probably the biggest luxury we have. Just taking a coffee to the seafront and watching the sea and birds float past. Any help received or even constructive criticism would be gratefully received. warmest regards D
  2. LOL then I need the sat nav to do kitts voice.
  3. Mine is a titanium. It has a few toys like cruise and limiter. just wondering what I can do with the box……a little bling. Maybe an embossed flag or something. Just didn’t want to cover up a sensor I then find out, the hard way, that I need lol. cheers for your reply, much appreciated, D
  4. Hi boys and girls. hoping someone can tell me what the little black box, below the number plate, in the grill…..on my new focus estate is. I’ve put my fingers in the grill and can’t feel anything behind it. I don’t think it is related to the parking sensors. I think the collision system uses the parking sensors!!! What am I missing? I would have thought it wouldn’t be there without a purpose. Thank you in advance. D
  5. MrMagoo


    I had one of these years ago. Same colour etc. Was an amazing car that took us, as a family, all over the UK. Happy times and happy car.
  6. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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