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  1. Happy Birthday blueovalcraig!

  2. Abs Light On

    I had same problem with mine and put the diagnostic computer on, no signal from N/S/R sensor. swapped N/S/R with O/S/R and still had no signal from N/S/R. After a bit of investigation, I noticed one of the wires on the loom between N/S/R sensor and chassis had a slightly swollen bit on it. I peeled the outer cover off the wire and found the wire was corroded. Connected both ends with a crimped terminal, problem solved. How did you get on with yours?
  3. Illuminated Gear Knob

    Thanks for that preee
  4. Illuminated Gear Knob

    I'll maybe wait until there a bit cheaper. Nice though http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Focus_Illuminated_gear_knob_5_speed_-_2008_onwards_-_1538158_F1538158-163 http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Focus_Illuminated_scuff_plates%2C_stainless_steel%2C_-_2008_onwards_-_1529023_F1529023-166
  5. Heater Only Works On Full Blast!

    One quick fix is to remove the resistor and solder a wire onto each end of the little diode.
  6. You can get a modified flywheel which does away with the dual mass. I have fitted two or three of these kits and haven't noticed any difference in performance etc.
  7. Thrust Bearing Squeal

    Hi folks. My 2009 Focus ZS 1.8tdci has developed a squeak from the thrust bearing and it's driving me mad. I am a car mechanic and little things like this really annoy me so I took it to my local dealer who kept it for two days only to call me up and say that they weren't doing anything to it as it wasn't bad enough to repair and to bring it back when it got worse. Now, my 'local' dealer is on the mainland so it costs me approx £45 to get car to him and I can assure you I wasn't happy at all with his manner etc so I have decided that I will replace the thrust bearing myself. Basically what I'm asking here is has anybody else had the squeaking/squealing noise from their thrust bearing? I find that the car can be quite sluggish when pulling away from a standstill and I was thinking about getting it chipped? Any recommendations for chips? I also have the rear windscreen washer pipe rubbing through paintwork, another job I will repair myself.
  8. good good not to bad thnx

  9. 2010 Focus 1.6Tdci Rusting!!

    My Focus has done the exact same thing. Think I'll need to ring Ford in the morning. My thrust bearing in the gearbox also lets out a yelp when cold so will have to ask them about that too I guess.
  10. Yeah Im ok. How you getting on with your Ka?

  11. hiya im good how you?

  12. Thrust Bearing Problem???

    Hey Folks, my Mother-In-Laws 2002 1.8 tdci has a rattling noise coming from gearbox on idle and the clutch pedal feels funny when you press it down. It sounds to me like the thrust bearing but then I remembered the Dual Mass Flywheel is fitted to these. I know I'm going to have to take the box out but before I do I just thought I'd mention it here first to see if any of you guys have had a similar problem.
  13. What Do You All Think

    Will Do LOL I think it's the colour that sets them apart from the others.
  14. Push Start Button

    The Zetec S and Titanium from '59' plate onwards have 'keyless entry' where you don't have to take key out your pocket. Just walk up to car pull handle sit in press clutch down and push the start button. Sounds good but think of the future problems plus my mate who has a Titanium walked away and left car running on the Ferry when she first got it cos she had key in her pocket!! I'll stick to old fashioned key in barrell.
  15. What Do You All Think

    I have identical car to yours same it's an 09 plate too. Looks really really smart mate. I'm attempting to fit an ST rear silencer to mine on Sat.