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  1. Just fitted new disc's and pads to wifes Ka , applied copper slip to back faces and contact points . Has been OK for a week or so , now it squealing on the first couple of applications of brakes , there after is fine. Any ideas?
  2. Fords Owned

    Fords Owned:- Mk1 Cortina 1.5 Mk5 Cortina 2.0 GLS Fiesta 1.6 Diesel Mk1 Focus 1.6 Ghia St170 Focus Mk2 Focus 1.8 climate Pack Zetec Mk7 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec
  3. As title says.Was wondering ? Is it Halfords , Millautos or the net ? Or somewhere different.
  4. Thanks for the reply , thought I might give them a go . Haven't seen any bad reviews as of yet.
  5. Need some disc's and pads for my wifes 05 Ka , was wondering if anybody has tried these , and what experience they have had .Parts look really cheap and I was wondering if they were any good . ;) http://www.buypartsby.co.uk/
  6. New Sony Radio For The Mk7

    I agree with you. <_<
  7. Aluminium Pedals From Ford

    Looking good mate B) B) Were they very expensive?
  8. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    B) B) :) :)
  9. Wing mirror

    Update:- Well after a visit to main dealer and numerous calls from ford customer services. Apparently the overtaking mirror on passenger side IS to European spec for this vehicle , and NOT a design fault , which I find very strange . I then enquired if I they did a plain mirror for nearside and apparently there is no such part. available. So not at all pleased , as I find the overtaking mirror on the nearside irritating to say the least.
  10. New Member

    Hello there ;)
  11. Air Con Not Cold

    I had similar problem with st170 I had , turned out it needed new clutch on AC. :(
  12. Washer Jets Leaking Fluid Down The Bonnet

    I did have this on an 08 Focus , first I was told that the Halfords screen wash I had been using was too strong a mix , eventually they replaced jets on bonnet and that seemed to cure it.Well didn't leak quit so often.
  13. The Fiesta(2008+) Mk7 Review Topic

    Thanks for the links , enjoyed watching them. ;)
  14. Hello From Cornwall

    Hi there my "ansome" lol ;) I'm from Cornwall as well , what part matey?