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  1. Focus Tddi. Do I Need 'diesel' 5W30 Oil?

    Lovely. Much oblidged :)
  2. Hi guys With traditional oils for older diesels you get 'Diesel' engine oil. These contain extra cleaners iirc. Does the Focus TDDi need this type of oil, or will any semi synth/synthetic oil of 5w30 grade suffice? I just ask because I'm yet to see a 5w30 'Diesel' oil on the shelves, whereas standard 5w30 oil is freely available. Cheers :)
  3. Ford Focus Headlamp Height Adjuster Fuse?

    Nothing at all as far as I can tell. I'll have to adjust the light manually then if that's possible because the drivers light is angled straight down in front of the car. It's actually quite dangerous as you can't really see ahead of you on the drivers side, while the passenger side does a good job of lighting up the hedges for 15-20 meters ahead! I'm quite surprised on the electrics on this car. It's a 51 plate so no spring chicken, but the light motors are broke, the fan only works on 4 and a number of behind the dash bulbs have gone. I was expecting better from a modern Ford. Time to get working on it I think! :)
  4. Ford Focus Headlamp Height Adjuster Fuse?

    Ah OK That's actually bad news as the lights work fine, and it must mean the motors themselves are gone :( Cheers for the heads up tho!
  5. Hi guys On my GF's Focus the headlamp adjuster doesn't appear to do anything at all. I was going to try changing the fuse but looking in the manual I couldn't see which one it is. Also the fan resistor pack appears to have gone as the fan only works on level 4. Does anyone have a recommendation as to the cheapest place to get a new one. Ford apparently sells them for £50 which seems like a ripoff considering it should have lasted longer than 8 years! Cheers guys :)
  6. Ford Focus Keys And Keyfob? (51 Plate)

    Hi Roger Following your guide I stuck my head under the dash and took a look at the unit we have. It looks like this: Is this unit any good?
  7. Ford Focus Keys And Keyfob? (51 Plate)

    So essentially with only the 1 key that starts the car, I can never add more keys myself. I NEED a Ford dealer or specialist? Cheers :)
  8. Ford Focus Keys And Keyfob? (51 Plate)

    Thanks guys. Terrific source of information as always. Looks like it's time to haunt Ebay and my local scrap dealers then :) Regards
  9. Hi guys I've collected our new Ford Focus CL TDDi estate from my dad and it's running beautifully. Very happy with it so far apart from one issue. There is only 1 key that starts the car. Unfortunately that same key does not open the drivers door, but it does open the passenger door. What has happened is the lock has worn out on the drivers door and has been replaced with the new key. The original key works fine in the passenger door and starts the car. Now my questions are 1) Surely all modern cars have a keyfob with buttons to open the doors? My dads focus does not and he's always needed the keys. Likewise to open the boot he has to press the button inside the car. 2) How expensive is it likely to be to get all the locks changed with a new set of keys so that I don't need different keys for different functions. I know the cars imobiliser expects a certain key. Is this a ford dealership only job? Many thanks :)
  10. Focus Tddi Won't Start When Parked Facing Up A Hill..

    Thanks guys, I shall check those fuel lines, it's defo a weird one. Could it also be a fault in the fuel pump? It's only done 150k which doesn't seem much for an older DI diesel engine so I'd be surpised if it's gone already but it could be I guess. Cheers
  11. Hi guys I'm new here but I've been a member on many car forums over the years. Fantastic source on information :) My Dad is giving us his old Ford Focus TDDi estate. It's the basic CL model and has done 150k miles but he's a slow driver to say the least, and the head of the engine was recently rebuilt when a cambelt tensioner went taking the head with it. Anyhow I digress. I'm picking the car up over the weekend and he warned me of a problem it has. Apparently he has to park it so the front of the car faces down any hill, or when he returns the car won't start. The AA get it going somehow, I'm guessing they draw the fuel back into the pump? Is this something that can be fixed? Is there a valve or something that should prevent this from happening? Its not stopping the car from being driven provided we're careful how we park, but issues like this can catch you out at the worst time. Any ideas people? Thanks in advance