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  1. lol, whats that about on your profile area rep north west?
  2. you tried to arrange what??? a car?
  3. Jag sounds a nice spec.... you dont wanna take that there TRUST me you run the chance of trashing your vehicle, blowing engines and turbo etc...... but yeh i dont see why you would not be able to run your dads jag as it is private land and they carry out their own single day insurance policies for drivers. I wanted to take my focus st3, but whats the point :0 I wanna buy a mazda rx7 or old skyline with someone and do it up between :)
  4. its still a decent place to live :) I wanna get a car possibly skyline or mazda and take it there. Go halves with someone on the vehicle be good fun.
  5. I live in Ainsdale, why are you chosing Ocean Plaza living so far away? Yeh Santa Pod is the UK's drag racing home. You see Jets, subaru's, evo's, mazda's, golf's, toyota's.....the lot. Its great!!!!
  6. No body seems keen on this :0 dont see why not. Have you ever been or heard of Santa Pod?
  7. I gotta be honest the RS mk 2 lOOks soooooo much better guys!!!!!!!!
  8. I could of told you that fella!! Do what I done, I bought last month a 2009 Focus st THREE with 4,500 miles on clock just short two yrs warranty for 17,200 n yr road tax. As you prob know u lose the most money in first yr!!!! i have touch screen audio with reverse parking camera ;) sweet. I will add you, but I only on gears, splinter cell :0
  9. wow thats a big stack of games. good to see you on the 360 tho, defo a cheaper option than cars. haha
  10. Hey Everyone, So we all know the Xbox 360 is far better than ps3, what titles are you banging out recently?? For me its got to be Splinter cell Conviction. Anyone preorder Alan Wake for next month? Thats gonna be BIG. Im having a break from Gears Of War 2 lag :( (BEST GAME EVER) Karl
  11. lol, you defo dont want to sit in my leather recaro seats :0 new stiff heated leather seats!!! keeps you seated at high speeds tho. Yeh I wanted to try the multie car policy with admiral who are very cheap for young drivers, but no one else in the household was up for it. Good job on that one tho :) You ever heard of santa pod?? Karl
  12. Mountune do not specificaly remap the whole engine but they do calibrate the engine in line with the upgrades with the larger inercooler and air filter (the more sensible choice). These Mountune performance upgrades have been put to the test on circuts, so there is positive results. Your first three points on your License "VERY" liitle effect your your insurance!!!! See.... Dont get me wrong I will prob get a RS in 2yrs time, but then I think can I justify the approx. £8,000 more??? I paid £18,000 for mine. So what more do I get for the RS apart from better looks? Karl
  13. I dont know about that, a lot of the Focus ST3's I looked at had standard silver alloys on, which as you said does not match the car like black or gunmetal grey alloys, the alloys I got you rarely see on Focus's. All Mountune parts come with extended warranty's which is good. I know the parts are expensive but i'm sure it will be worth it, once you start talking various modifications especially remapping it gets very technical too much or too little can seriously FU*K up the car. You are trying to push the car beyound limits straining the engine :0 I get around 23MPG driving how I want and that doesnt mean throttling the car everywhere but I do use the engine, so I aint complaining to much. Definatly think V-power helps!!!!! Wait till you get some years no claims then you can buy a beast, im only 23 with three yrs no claims and no accidents so all good. Karl
  14. My bad Mike I posted this after your first reply not the second :0
  15. Thanks mate, how many pictures can you see? I have done some research on the Mountune performance ST260 upgrade. It consists of a larger tailored high-performance alloy intercooler, a high flow air filter and a revised engine calibration for the potent 2.5-litre Duratec ST engine. :) The performance upgrade therefore returns of 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds and 0-100mph in 14.1 seconds.... wow, it costs £1,120 inc vat seems pricey but genuine to say the least. Then the cat back stainless steal exhaust priced at £490 which I actually thinks quite reasonable. And yes looking into what you said the ST is faster than the RS. haha. Appreciate the reply, this is a car forum for car enthusiasts yet people view but rarely reply. What car you drive? Karl PS changed alloys over weekend from standard 18" silver alloys to gunmetal grey :)