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  1. Cost me £58 from the red light. When standard unleaded was at 1.39 / ltr. I'm getting 40.4mpg with 1400 miles on the clock now after just 3 weeks ownership. That's mostly motorway driving and the odd - frequent blast up / down a dual carriageway. Range trip states I'll get 380-410 miles from a tank, but I never let it let that low. Which is about the same as my previous Mk7 fiesta S1600, which was a non turbo 120ps 1.6 petrol
  2. I'd just filled the ST2 up with fuel & reset the MPG counter, then drove it from Sheffield to Nottingham on the M1 (circa 28 miles) I changed gear when the RPMs got 1500, I only used light pressure on the right pedal and stuck to 65-70MPH. Also it might have something to with, that the journey is predomanently downhill from Junct 31 - Junct 28
  3. Your wish is granted. Had my Panther Black ST2 for 3 weeks now. Hopefully that's enough to wet your appetite.
  4. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Sorry again couldn't resist my previous comment. The ST2 is a completely different car to the S1600, mine was the original 120ps and there's no comparison between the two. The ST sticks to the road, acceleration is fantastic and the tones of the engine & exhaust are superb. The seats are extremely comfortable and the dark roof lining really sets off the interior. Here's a few photos after I've spent all day today cleaning it.
  5. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    I've not had my V5 yet and mine was signed for & registered during the last week of March. But I have got my ST2. Sorry couldn't resist it.
  6. I've taken that call, that all those who have ordered a new ST, are wishing for. I can collect my new Panther Black ST2 tomorrow. The salesman, then messaged me via Facebook with this photo and the words "I look what I got.... Lol" Roll on tomorrow lunch time, won't be able to sleep tonight, I'll be like a child on Xmas eve waiting for Santa.
  7. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Got a call today, to say my ST2 is on UK tarmac but got to wait until next week for it to get to Nottingham from somewhere down south. Hey ho, at least all the !Removed! snow & road salt should have been washed away by then
  8. Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 2013

    The wife's focus titanium x 1.6 ecoboost as stop/start and its not let us down once in the last 12 months. I did once get some boy racer sat next to me at traffic lights in the off side lane, last summer and he thought id stalled it, driver & passenger start to take mick. So when the lights changed to amber then green, I dipped the clutch, selected 1st, press the right pedal to the floor and left him in the smoke from the tyres. Lol. Forgot to mention, it's the 180bhp ecoboost and because its a titanium x, is has no identifying badges, just a focus badge on the left and a small ecoboost badge on the right of the boot lid.
  9. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Spirit blue with style pack & scuff plate photo.
  10. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    You can surrender your disc, once you have part ex'd it. You'll lose the month you've surrendered it in. It worth about £10 a month.
  11. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    The LED DRL on the wife's focus Titanium X are extremely bright, until the bi-xeons are turned on, then the brightness reduces.
  12. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    I got £7600 for my 2010 60 plate 120bhp S1600 with 40k on the clock, against my soon to be delivered ST2 in Panther Black
  13. Why would anyone need parking sensors or reverse camera on a fiesta? Myself and my staff at work drive vehicles upto 50 ft in length (HGV 1) and have neither sensors nor cameras. Those gadgets will only add additional nne essential weight.
  14. I was able to squeeze £7600 for my 2010 (60 plate) S1600 for part ex, out of my dealer, with 39k on clock
  15. Welcome to the club, you'll not regret waiting for delivery. I've been following the new ST since concept rumours started in 2011 and after reading the reviews it sounds like its going to be a superb motor. Only thing now, is the waiting, tick tock tick tock, I've waiting since Jan when I placed my order and I should hopefully get my hands on the steering at the beginning April, hopefully