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  1. Russ

    Plugs and Leads. How feckin much??

    Have used leads from a local shop here costing £30 with no problems whatsoever, in fact they cured a very light misfire I had. As to the brand name, not 100% sure but could have been ‘Intermotor’
  2. Russ

    dashboard clock

    Yep, there is a small bit of trim under the clocks on top of the steering wheel, if I remember right, lift that out and there are two screws to undo. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong)
  3. Bet if you asked what the manufacturers spec is (and how thick the disc is) they wouldn’t even be able to tell you!
  4. Russ

    Creaking from rear

    Have you had a look at the ‘shocks’ on the rear, used to find on my fiesta when it started creaking, the shocks were leaking. (Haven’t had it yet on my focus)
  5. I second the ‘flaking paint’
  6. Your missing the point, how would you feel if you were one of the ‘few’ who’s fiesta, focus or ‘any ford with an ecoboost’ went bang and when you contacted Ford were fobbed off with excuses such as ‘it’s the way you drive it’ or ‘it hasn’t been serviced by ford’! (Two of the excuses used) Then to be told ‘we’re only giving you 55%, like it or lump it’!
  7. The real problem for people is Fords (in particular Andy Barratt) ‘couldn’t give a monkeys’ attitude and ‘side stepping’ of the problem. Personally, after Fords profit losses in Europe and the fact that they’re losing court cases in other countries regarding the ecoboost I think they’ve realised ignoring the problem & burying their heads is going to hurt them big time.
  8. Hopefully I’ve posted this in the right place (on my phone) not sure if anyone saw the BBC last night but this might be good news for ecoboost owners who have had to pay a % towards their new engines after they’ve ‘blown’. Ford now stating they will pay 100% of the bill and they’re looking back at people who have already paid 👍🏼
  9. Russ

    Reversing sensor volume level is low

    If you can find the module you may be able to turn the volume up on it? I’ve got factory fitted original reversing sensors and I’ve always thought the level was a bit low. There’s no way to increase the volume from the dashboard controls and as the sound appears to come from the rear of the car (and not the speakers) turning the radio volume up would only increase the radio volume in my mind. (Also, When I go into reverse if the radios on the radio volume doesn’t lower - I haven’t looked to see if you can alter the volume using a modified ELM so someone else might confirm that one for me)
  10. Russ

    ABS pump for 2008 focus style

    There are places that you can get your abs pump refurbished and sent back to you in about a week, and I’m sure they get coded to your car. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong 👍🏼 A quick google for ABS pump refurbish will bring up various websites that do it .
  11. Russ

    Oil And Sponge In Air Filter Enclosure

    Been in there 18 months so far & photos can be obtained 😉 (used the same in a fiesta mk6 for several years)
  12. Russ

    2015 ecoboost engine advice

    There have been design changes/upgrades between the years. Ford will never admit it but you can draw your own conclusions as to the reason. From 15 plate onwards there ‘appears’ to be less of a problem with the de-gas hose but then again time will tell ! keep your eyes on the coolant reservoir as they’re prone to cracking and loss of coolant due to the heat involved from the engine/turbo. My son has a 1litre black edition 140ps 15plate and so far it’s been good to him. 🤞🏼 assuming you have put your registration/vin into FordEtis to check for any recall?
  13. Russ

    Oil And Sponge In Air Filter Enclosure

    Just buy a sponge from a place like ‘home bargains’ (like a poundshop) and cut a section out to fit, quicker and probably cheaper 👍🏼
  14. Russ

    Lucky escape with engine?

    Keep your eye on the coolant level for the next few days, It’s well known that once the coolant has leaked the damage is done and you only find out a short time later! Do you know if the garage did a pressure test on the engine?