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  1. I removed the jet from the bonnet, wiped the area around the aperture clean, put a small smear of sealant on the bottom of the jet. When I pressed it into the aperture the sealant oozed out so I just wiped around the jet with a damp tissue. Can’t remember the colour name of my fiesta at the time but as it was a very very light bluish silvery colour the white sealant wasn’t obvious. As you said you could seal them from underneath where the sealant won’t be seen anyway.
  2. I used ‘normal’ silicon sealant for a bathroom’ on my fiesta mk6 screenwash jets to seal them, just wiped the excess from around them (on the top of the bonnet) and didn’t effect the paint.
  3. Russ

    Dodgey wheels

    Stopped going for tyres to a garage along from me Stef as the tool they used was unprotected steel and they used to throw your alloy about! Now go to a guy in works brother in laws garage as we get a discount on tyres 👍🏼
  4. Russ

    Dodgey wheels

    When they remove tyres the garages rotate a bar around the wheel to break the seal, (scraping ‘ten bells out of the paint on the wheel). The paint escaping from the front of the wheel looks like that could be the case for the leak, or as Stef says, corrosion on the wheel itself or it hasn’t been cleaned. If it were mine I’d start by getting the tyre off and looking at the paint on the wheel, rubbing it down and repainting the rim/seating area. I once had similar on a Cavalier and found the paint on the sealing face peeled off in one go when I removed the tyre! Regarding the deformity on the inside of the wheel that can easily be fixed by someone who knows how to properly heat aluminium alloy and get it back into shape without introducing cracks into the material. Aluminium anneals when heated but work hardens again when you work it. ) Had one of my mk6 fiesta wheels done years ago without any more trouble)
  5. Russ

    Wet passenger footwell 2005 MK2

    Sorry I’ve been late but here’s the photo I promised. The hose is the one marked red behind the air con pipes. (It should be connected only at the top-if I’ve marked the wrong hose it’ll be the other one to the left)
  6. Russ

    Urgent - broken down and at roadside - help

    Not meaning to hijack the thread and if not appropriate please delete, I saw this over the holiday about ECP, just wondered if anyone else did ...
  7. Russ

    Wet passenger footwell 2005 MK2

    Yep, open the bonnet and it’s at the top of the firewall (slightly left of the centre) it’ll be hanging down. If I get a chance I’ll take a photo in the morning to show it’s position. If I remember rightly the diameter on mine is roughly about 10mm diameter and maybe a footish long.
  8. Russ

    Wet passenger footwell 2005 MK2

    Just a suggestion, look on the bulkhead at the rear of the engine, there should be a rubber hose which will look like it has disconnected from whatever it’s connected to. This hose is a drain to channel rainwater away to drop onto the ground. Check this hose isn’t clogged up with debris because if it is, I’d suspect the water to be building up and finding its way inside the car. I haven’t had this happen yet on my focus but I did have it happen on another car I had, the hose was sludged up with dead mushy leaves and once I cleared it, fixed the wet carpet problem.
  9. Russ

    Ford FocusError Codes

    From the Forum .....
  10. Russ

    Ford FocusError Codes

    (Not having used my code reader since I bought it a couple of years back) I’m assuming those are the codes straight from the dash, you’d be better buying a modified ELM 327 and using one of the free software packages like Forscan but take a look here, it might help with ‘some’ of the codes .......
  11. Russ

    Rear Parking Sensor

    Just an update on this, bought a £12.99 sensor from the above e-bay seller, tested it in the car, removed & painted it Avalon colour, refitted it and it’s now working perfectly. Not bad for a £12.99 fix and there’s no visual difference 👍🏼
  12. Russ

    Struggling to start when cold

    I used to test the glow plugs on a Cavalier TD I had by removing the busbar from the glowplugs and, connecting a length of heavy duty cable to the battery and brushing the other end briskly over the glowplug top. If I found one that didn’t ‘spark’ it was a duffer! Not ideal but a quick and easy way to test when a meter isn’t handy.
  13. Russ

    Rear Parking Sensor

    After a bit of advice on a (genuine Ford factory fitted) rear parking sensor on a focus 2008 facelift titanium. Have the single long beep on going into reverse but no beeps when getting close to any object so have whittled it down to the near side sensor. (No noise from it when you listen whereas the other 3 emit a quiet ticking) I've had the connector off and cleaned the terminals and it worked for a while, started playing up again so cleaned it again and it worked once or twice then back to not working. Does anyone either have an idea where I can obtain another without chopping an arm off to get a Ford one or does anyone have any experience of the many e-bay sellers selling them? (Such as this one ... ) they refer to the number 1PS0110S but on checking the visible numbers on the original sensor I can’t find anything that resembles it? heres a couple of photos of the original sensor
  14. Russ

    Plugs and Leads. How feckin much??

    Have used leads from a local shop here costing £30 with no problems whatsoever, in fact they cured a very light misfire I had. As to the brand name, not 100% sure but could have been ‘Intermotor’
  15. Russ

    dashboard clock

    Yep, there is a small bit of trim under the clocks on top of the steering wheel, if I remember right, lift that out and there are two screws to undo. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong)