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  1. Russ


    If I remember right, to get AUX to work you have to connect your phone using the Jack that’s positioned at the top of the glove compartment when you open the door to it.
  2. It’s a gearbox uncoupled/out to replace it. I last replaced a thrust bearing ohhhhh 40 years ago on an old Vauxhall viva but not having actually removed a front wheel drive gearbox I’m not 100% sure of the method of removing it but I’m sure someone with more knowledge will come along.
  3. From the symptoms you describe it sounds like it could be the thrust bearing that’s ‘gone’.( The fact that the noise clears up when you press the peddle in )
  4. Your right in saying if your turning right & the noise increases then it’s normally the passenger side (and vice versa). I had a very slight noise like driving over a rumble strip when turning right yet totally quiet on the straight or turning left. It was really only when STEF123 changed the passenger side hub/bearing that you could definitely hear the roughness.
  5. Won’t that be picked up at the MOT?
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if you find the garage never used any exhaust paste when they put the new one on so it’ll take a bit for the exhaust to seal properly. That’s why some exhausts sound ‘raspy’ for a while after they’re fitted.
  7. Just bought 5 litres myself (just incase-better to have it and at that price it’s not robbing the bank)
  8. Russ

    High revs

    Had a look on an RAC site and someone with the same problem said they managed to fix it on their focus by replacing the Crankcase pipe behind the throttle body? (They said it was a bit difficult to see but never said if the pipe was collapsed or split) just a suggestion
  9. £22.30 and free delivery on Amazon just now 👍🏼
  10. Never changed mine on my fiesta mk6 and as far as I’m aware my 2008 focus has never lost any so hasn’t been changed either 😁
  11. You could try moving the pads off the disk by slowly/gently prying them off the disk with a large flat blade screwdriver so the disk runs freely, put the wheel back on (to hold the disk square and tight) then spin the wheel again. After you have retested make sure you depress the brake pedal a few times before driving so you push the pads back into contact with the disk! If the bearings on its way out you’ll hear a roughness/rumble when you rotate the wheel.
  12. Had this a few times and found not pushing the hose fully ‘home’ & depressing the trigger halfway helps. Just watch because if you overfill the tank it tends to run out the breather pipe over your wheel !
  13. Your battery is going flat (as you rightly say) and yes I’ve also heard this is an indicator. Had the same on both my mk6 fiesta and my focus mk2.5. As Jonro above says, use a multimeter to check your battery.
  14. Could possibly be a bearing starting to fail? Few months back I had a noise on turning right and on occasion also had stearing wheel wobble on braking. The fact I had the noise turning right (very faint like driving over rumble strip) and with the weight of the car being thrown left guessed that the left hand wheel bearing was on its way out. Stef123 changed out the wheel hub for me which turned out to be ‘shot’ and only really detectable when he got the hub off. I also saw my disk on that side had strange marking/glazing on it (like yours in your original post) which I’m assuming was caused by the slight wobble caused by the bearing. Have you jacked the front wheels up and spun them by hand to see if there is any noise coming from the bearing?
  15. Had a mate who had similar on a Vauxhall (bad word). It was only when they looked at live data they figured it was the plugs starting to break down. I also had a slight misfire/loss of power on hard acceleration on my last mk6 fiesta which lasted 2 years until I tested the plug leads and found one was a ‘duffer’. (Just an idea check the easy/simple stuff first)