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  1. Noise after start up

    I have what can only be described as a ‘rushing’ sound like a kettle boiling after starting the engine on my 1.6 petrol focus. (Non Vct) You hear the pump prime on startup, start the engine then you hear the sound for maybe 2-3 seconds. I’m assuming it’s the system pressurising but it’s only happening the morning after a long run and (at the moment) it doesn’t seem to be causing any other problem. Could this be a sign of a failing petrol pump or air getting in somehow (no signs of leakage anywhere from engine or under the car)
  2. Hello from Cockenzie

    Hi & welcome from Livingston, West Lothian (if your in Cockenzie your in East Lothian)
  3. It’s more ‘peace of mind’ than anything rather than ‘is it worth it on a 27k car’ and it’s a chance you take which is up to yourself. I didn’t get mine done on my focus when I had the belt changed, I didn’t get my mk6 fiesta done either when I had the belt done and didn’t get it done on a Vauxhall Cavalier when I had it’s belt done but I did have to change the water later pump as it started leaking.
  4. Sudden Gearbox Failure. How?!

    I once ‘wrung’ a gearbox mainshaft in two on a rear wheel drive Vauxhall 😁 mind you I used to wheelspin it then one day with 4 passengers pulling away from the kerb it just went BANG in a cloud of smoke! When we stripped the box down the mainshaft looked just like a stick of soft rock that had been twisted until it broke into two pieces. (The Vauxhall garage had never seen that before - I was dead chuffed 👍🏼)
  5. hello from scotland

    Hi Craig, waves from a chilly Livingston 👋
  6. “You May have done long term damage”........ answer “it’s fine now, there was no oil,” 🤔😱😱😱😱😱😱 doh!
  7. I had a listen with the bonnet up this morning and it wasn’t as bad but sounds like coming from the bottom pulleys area. I’ve had the manifold cat replaced a few months ago so it could also be something associated with that so I’ll keep my eyes and ears open. ** edit: I think I’ve found the culprit.....there’s a bit of shielding against the bulkhead that has been distorted when they’ve done the ‘manifold cat’ and it’s ‘awfy’ close to the heatshield where the O2 sensor is, I think when the load pulls the revs down slightly causing the engine to shudder slightly the 2 heatshields are making contact so once the rain/snow stops I’ll get out and manoeuvre the bulkhead heatshield back into place. 👍🏼
  8. As it’s already cold the idle is above 1000 anyway, if I rev the car it gets louder! Not wanting to ‘chance’ anything as soon as I start the car, the windows get switched off then after say 20/30 seconds I switch them back on with no noise. As I said once I drive off there is no noise from the car so I don’t think it’s a heat shield/mechanical type of rattle.
  9. Can anyone throw any light on this....since the snow/cold weather has started, on start up when the front/rear heated screens come on there is what can only be described as a rattle type noise. If the heated screens are switched off the noise stops and after a minute or two when the screens are switched back on the noise does not return. Could this be related to the alternator? All belts have been replaced when the timing belt was done (many thanks to @Stef123) and other than this the car drives as normal, no noises if I switch the heated screens off and just drive off. Car is a 1.6 petrol (non vct) focus mk2 facelift with 62000 on it.
  10. Electrical draw

    If the clocks don’t turn off, it ‘may’ be the Bluetooth module...... take a look here
  11. Hello From Scotland

    Hi from the other side of ‘the bridge’ 😉
  12. Rust

    I’m the same, I Paint it with touch up paint whenever I see it appear!
  13. Wait till the fuel light comes on then fill to the brim, never had a problem on any cars I’ve had.
  14. MK2 head lights flash

    Battery is on its way out, I have heard it’s a ‘visual’ signal
  15. Low mpg mk2...

    33mpg just now on a 7 mile drive to/from work on 50mph roads. It increases to around 38 mpg in the summer. ... 2008 1.6l (non vct) titanium focus