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    Door locks

    Oh the hot water worked but it just refroze so I couldn’t lock the doors and the footwell/puddle lights stayed on. It just worried me if I parked the car at home and couldn’t lock it the battery might go flat Or it could’ve got worse. Been thinking of changing for a while as we fancied an SUV so thought the time was right for another car.
  2. Russ

    Door locks

    Well, just an update on the frozen locks......I was on holiday from work on Monday so sat Twiddling my thumbs thinking how to deal with the frozen locks once & for all and also as I have to slide myself down into the car groaning as I go figured that it was time for a slightly higher mode of transport so...............I traded the car in and bought a 2018 We’ll known ‘foreign’ model mid sized SUV (collect tomorrow from Stirling) So although not a Ford this time I’ll still be hanging around the forum as my son drives a fiesta black edition 👍🏼
  3. Russ

    Door locks

    😉 I’m in the houses across the A71 from Dedridge and its Baltic in the winter. Luckily I work up at Deans Engineering so not far to go, I’ll look into the wiring, thanks 👍🏼
  4. Russ

    Door locks

    I live in Livingston, -6 degrees this morning, opening the door isn’t the problem, it’s closing it hence the hot water but once closed the car thinks the door is still open so tells me the drivers door is open. The interior lights, footwell lights and the puddle lights stay on because of this until the car defrosts itself. (I brought it inside the factory this morning and after 30 minutes inside it was ok again!) I live 10 minutes from work but ended up going up the M8 for half an hour before I went to work with the heaters on full blast and the door was still froze up when I got there. 🤬 the picture below shows the snow from Thursday....it’s STILL like that today! 🤣
  5. Ok where do I start....in the cold mornings I have to use hot water on the door and locking mechanism (on the side of the door) to get the doors to close then the dash computer tells me the drivers door is open leaving all interior/footwell lights on! I’m currently sat in work, can’t lock the doors and had to pull the footwell bulbs and the puddle lights are still on! Any help is appreciated, thanks 🙏 (2008 1.6 focus)
  6. I don’t like the way my mk2 facelift Focus front locks freeze in winter. 🤬 I've tried de-icer and WD40 to no avail, the only thing that works is hot water on the latch mechanism, this morning the door closed but ‘driver door open’ was on the info screen on the dash & the car wouldn’t lock! It’s now covered in silicon grease so let’s see what tomorrow brings ...
  7. Our son had his 15 plate black edition Zetec S mot’d and serviced at Ford 3 weeks ago, which it passed. They gave him an advisory on his exhaust ‘flexi pipe and rear bushes along with a price of £750 ‘if’ he wanted them done so he went along to a local garage I get my MOT done at and let them look at it, they replaced the rear bushes with polly bushes and put a new flexi section in at a cost of £225!
  8. Asking for a friend who has just purchased an EcoSport. Can anyone explain how to remove the rear parcel shelf. (I haven’t seen the car so no idea of the fitting/removal) thanks in advance
  9. If your on Facebook search ford ecoboost nightmare, it’ll make you weep!
  10. The ABS unit IS on the passenger side of the car therefor if it is the abs unit self test then it will only be heard coming from that side.
  11. You sure it isn’t the ABS ‘self test’ your hearing. When you first pull away, at around 12mph you can hear the ABS making a click/clunk type noise. (It can be loud or quiet depending how hard/fast you pull away) It sounds like that’s all your hearing (natural and nothing wrong) as you say it’s only when you first move off after starting the car.
  12. Brembo disks are UV coated. They eventually will rust but not as quick or as bad as other brands. I fitted Brembo pads and disks which were ok but last year a garage fitted “blueprint” disks and pads which appear to have a better ‘bite’ although I would say, create more dust.
  13. Russ


    If I remember right, to get AUX to work you have to connect your phone using the Jack that’s positioned at the top of the glove compartment when you open the door to it.
  14. It’s a gearbox uncoupled/out to replace it. I last replaced a thrust bearing ohhhhh 40 years ago on an old Vauxhall viva but not having actually removed a front wheel drive gearbox I’m not 100% sure of the method of removing it but I’m sure someone with more knowledge will come along.
  15. From the symptoms you describe it sounds like it could be the thrust bearing that’s ‘gone’.( The fact that the noise clears up when you press the peddle in )
  16. Your right in saying if your turning right & the noise increases then it’s normally the passenger side (and vice versa). I had a very slight noise like driving over a rumble strip when turning right yet totally quiet on the straight or turning left. It was really only when STEF123 changed the passenger side hub/bearing that you could definitely hear the roughness.
  17. Won’t that be picked up at the MOT?
  18. Wouldn’t surprise me if you find the garage never used any exhaust paste when they put the new one on so it’ll take a bit for the exhaust to seal properly. That’s why some exhausts sound ‘raspy’ for a while after they’re fitted.
  19. Just bought 5 litres myself (just incase-better to have it and at that price it’s not robbing the bank)
  20. Had a look on an RAC site and someone with the same problem said they managed to fix it on their focus by replacing the Crankcase pipe behind the throttle body? (They said it was a bit difficult to see but never said if the pipe was collapsed or split) just a suggestion
  21. £22.30 and free delivery on Amazon just now 👍🏼
  22. Never changed mine on my fiesta mk6 and as far as I’m aware my 2008 focus has never lost any so hasn’t been changed either 😁
  23. You could try moving the pads off the disk by slowly/gently prying them off the disk with a large flat blade screwdriver so the disk runs freely, put the wheel back on (to hold the disk square and tight) then spin the wheel again. After you have retested make sure you depress the brake pedal a few times before driving so you push the pads back into contact with the disk! If the bearings on its way out you’ll hear a roughness/rumble when you rotate the wheel.
  24. Had this a few times and found not pushing the hose fully ‘home’ & depressing the trigger halfway helps. Just watch because if you overfill the tank it tends to run out the breather pipe over your wheel !
  25. Your battery is going flat (as you rightly say) and yes I’ve also heard this is an indicator. Had the same on both my mk6 fiesta and my focus mk2.5. As Jonro above says, use a multimeter to check your battery.
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