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  1. Focus Mk3 Towbar Wiring

    The 12v feed? It's already there waiting to be used. If you empty the boot, carpet/spare wheel/polystyrene, on the left you should see quite a thick brown/maybe red wire with a connector on the end of it.
  2. Windscreen

    I've just forked out £230 for a new one (includes fitting). Autoglass wanted about £350 :(
  3. Focus Mk3 Towbar Wiring

    Can't advise on a '59 plate but on a '55 plate there is a permanent 12v live feed in the boot for such a purpose. Get a dedicated towbar electrics harness for your car from Towsure it's a doddle to fit.
  4. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    When I worked in Ellesmere Port my weekly commute was just over 600 miles. As I was able to claim a mileage allowance the amount I was able to claim back was just enough to fill the tank. I adjusted my driving style so the commute didn't cost me anything but I still drove at the legal limits. 75% of my journey was on 'A' roads, mainly the A41, the rest was dual carrigeway/motorway and there were some 20 odd roundabouts to negotiate each way as well. According to the trip computer I was getting mid to high 50's but depending on traffic low 60's was possible. My new commute is to Gloucester and, depending on which way I go, nearly 100% of my journey will be on the motorway albeit 20 odd miles further than if I use the A442. I'll post my mpg results after a week of each commute as I will need to know myself as I can't claim the allowance anymore.
  5. 1.6 Tdci Problem

    Just got my car back today from my local stealers, 3 weeks and a grand of my hard earned handed over, and they are sure the problem is fixed. I had major electrical problems due to water corrosion of some of the electrical contacts in the passenger footwell fusebox. Basically it couldn't talk to any of the modules so shut itself down as a precaution.....not what you want if overtaking somone on a single carriageway
  6. 1.6 Tdci Problem

    Hi guys great forum. I've got a problem with my Focus that I'd like you to help me with. After going back 25 pages of the forum I may have found the solution but would like it confirming. Basically, driving home one morning after work (an hours drive), on my dash displays all the needles would go to the extreme right then they would all drop to zero while all the dash lights would light up and the engine would just tickover and not respond to me pressing the accelerator. This happened 3 times at various speeds and scared the life out of me and anyone following behind. Each time it happened I didn't switch the engine off in case it wouldn't start and it would take anything up to 10 mins to get going again. Could this fault be the VSS that others have had similar problems with? Thanks for any help ;)