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  1. Towbar Confusion

    Thanks - just fitted my tow bar and electrics - the towbar was easy enough - the wiring made me nervous but I didnt have to be as the instructions that came were very clear and a quick call to the manufacturer helped me realise its not so difficult - went for the single socket for now as i have a folding caravan - can add the other socket later if i need to. Price inc delivery £76.95 and they gave me a 5% discount off my next purchase which may be the other socket and the code lasts for 6 months.
  2. Towbar Confusion

    I am wanting to fit a towbar which looks simple enough but am confused about the electrics. From one of the ads it asks a question: Do I need a bypass relay kit? Vehicles fitted with bulb failure devices or cam bus systems and LED systems will require a bypass relay kit. A 7 way bypass is designed for vehicles which have Multi-plex wiring, Cambus systems or Bulb Failure devices which where introduced around the year 2000. This bypass prevents any faults on the towing vehicle's light system by switching power directly from the vehicle's battery/alternator to the trailer/caravan light system, using very small signals from the vehicle's light system, without the vehicles check control sensors system being adversely affected. If your vehicle has none of these you will not require a bypass relay kit. Please call us if you need clarification. My focus is a 51 plate 2002 diesel 1753 engine estate How ca i tell if it has or has not the above?
  3. Ford Focus Keys And Keyfob? (51 Plate)

    I have also been under the drivers side with a camera and it seems that my module is a newer one as well. I have a key with a transponder but no buttons on to plip the doors - should mine have a button type key? tried the key switch 4 times from position 1 to 2 in 4 seconds and no chime the original key i have is worn so i have had one cut, the keys open via the passenger door and operate the central locking, just found if I do this and pull the drivers door handle hard twice the drivers door opens. The drivers door lock is worn and have tried to contact a guy on ebay who sells door locks and allows you to send the key for an extra £5 will match them but I cant get a reply from him. I now wonder if i will have to replace the door handle too as the handle on the drivers side doesnt click when its pulled - the others do. I enclose the picture i took of the module - what i was wondering was should this car have a button type key and open the door with the button, if so how do i go about getting one?
  4. Ford Focus Keys And Keyfob? (51 Plate)

    Wow I was just gonna ask this question, I also have a Ford Focus CL TDDi estate 51 reg 2002, I was told it was a Mk 2 and have been very confused as some websites say mk 1 2 and 3 others say that its Mk 1 Mk1 facelift which mine fits into as its got the rubber bit in the bumper and that MK 2 didnt happen till 2004 I too have a worn drivers lock, have 2 keys that work, would have liked a remote if they are available. So if there wasn't one on my model can i just get hold of a lock and replace it or do i have to replace all the locks (front drivers, front passenger, rear luggage door and ignition) and if so does the central locking unit have to be changed? Just tried the key switch 4 times from position 1 to 2 in 4 seconds and no chime so guess mine hasn't the module in as per link. SO has anyone done the upgrade as per the link in the previous email and bought a secondhand key and reprogrammed it - if so guess thats what i should try - will await replies before doing anything - thanks guys