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  1. Mondeo Mk3 Starting Issue

    Hi Pete, thanks for your advice, the starter only jams when she really struggles to start and i crank it too much if you know what i mean, although the starter may also not be in the best condition, i think the problem lies elsewhere. I Didnt know about the fuel pump trick but i know i never wait for it so i will give that a go, that could be quite effective. although that wouldn't explain the reason behind it being worse when hot, but i'll give it a go in a bit. my air filter seems clean and fine so that should be ok i hope. the engine light isn't on so i hope there are no sensor problems. i think you could be right with the compression theory. after a journey on the motorway i lost all water and had to fill up, that to me spells, head gasket, really hope not but im no expert, just seems like things could be heading that way :/ thank you again, any further help is handy Ash
  2. Hi there, i recently bought my pride and joy, a Mk3 Mondeo, Ghia 2.0 petrol and its is a lovely drive. But i have had starting troubles from day one (only about 2 weeks ago) she turns over but needs a bit of throttle to start up. it differs with temperature it seems, first thing when its cold is best but when its had a run and is warm it really struggles to start. At worst i end up with the stater jamming and i have to wait a bit and try again Its more than frustrating and i need some guidance and or knowledge on the problem So far i have changed the plugs and leads and to be fair she runs better but has had no affect on the start up Any help or advice anyone can offer me will be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance Ash
  3. looking forward to getting new car :p

  4. Low Revs

    thats interestin to no thanx m8, ill ave to look into it further then, double check the actual idle revs then if still high ill consider valve or sensor, thanx again
  5. Low Revs

    Yer mine is similar to that really sometimes its better than others but i can't say it ever really goes away completely. Its idles roughly 850
  6. Low Revs

    hi there, i have an issue with my focus and wondered if any1 cld shed any light on the problem, once my car is up to runnin temp and runnin smoothly the revs idle too low. i havent had it looked at yet or anything but was hoping some1 wld hace an idea what it cld be. im thinking maybe a sensor but im only guesin. any help wld be greatly apreciated thank u Ash vehicle spec: focus mk1 'x' reg 2000 model 1.6l ghia
  7. hi people, hoping this club will serve me well if i ever need ford advice of just a chat