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  1. Let me re explain my theory a bit better. Standard egr takes gases from the exhaust to the egr, the egr valve opens at certain points an draws in air from the exhaust and puts dirty exhaust gases into the engine to ease emissions. Egr valves clog up from all the crap out of the exhaust... So we resort to blocking them as emission tests are not done on a diesel so no not fail. When blocking the egr with a plate you stop the !Removed! gasses getting in... But the valve can still operate and still wants to take in air but we have blocked it so this stops air and can cause a diesel knock. My theory is rather than no air going in at the egr at all.... Why not swap exhaust air for fresh clean air..... So stick a universal enclosed induction kit onto the egr so when the valve opens it eats lots of nice new air.... This should mean no diesel knock... No dirty air. .... Clean efficient burning.... Better economy and more power. My question is what to do with the other end.... If you block it your causing more pressure in the exhaust system which could mean more back pressure to the turbo... So if we fit some kind of valve similar to that of a dump vale/ waste gate that way of pressure gets to high it can just release it out Thoughts???? Please discuss Thanks Dave
  2. Seeing as your getting an egr and fueling fault I would suggest the egr to inter cooler boost pipe is split, I would recommend removing it an checking it carefully
  3. I gota take the mondeo up to Lincoln on Saturday lol. Well I just had a quick butchers, the whole injection loom looks bodged to be honest... As for the filter well Tge bracket it sits in doesn't join the chassis very well and is very wobbly, hope this isn't an issue..... On the filter the two single connectors are on there tight but the one with the T-piece bit is loose an wobbly. Is this a common thing?? Or normal?? Should I change it?? Also there is a bit of oil round the crank case breather pipe, will this cause any issues? I have checked both inter cooler pipes, is there any other boost pipes I need to check hidden around?? Cheers Dave
  4. Was the fuel filter changed with a Bosch, Delphi, ford or motor factor part? Is there any knocking noises? Does The roughness go away if you rev a little ? What's your mileage ect?
  5. I think I'm Gona check for swarf in the box....
  6. Hi guys, Sorry it's been so hectic. Striping a focus, re doing the carbs on a gsxr, And this beast as well as general maintenance on a CBr means I've been very busy. So basically I still have the wobbly idle and the P0251 fueling issue. My first question is: would a motorofactor fuel filter give the same symptoms as a blocked or well used fuel filter and will this cause my current issues. Basically my last mechanic changed the fuel filter (I asked for a Bosch but looked and it's not marked at all with any names). I changed the oils and filter yesterday I also removed the blanking plate. The engine sounds smoother at the top but the knock seems to have moved towards the bottom, where as before it was a cold rattle at the top which has gone from the oil change/plate removable. The knock sounds like something is Gona come through the side of the engine. Video: http://i1172.photobucket.com/albums/r562/Heathrow_Ford_Parts/3092ed28.mp4 Bear in mind it has the belt, tensioner and pulley changed 5 months/2,500 miles ago Now I know everyone loves to jump on the injector issue but it's not that, injectors are fine, recoded -no difference, leak off test was fine, bench test was good. It's the not the fuel pump either as it's only the 2000-2002 modeled pump that has the issue of breaking up. I removed and check the boost pipe on the drivers side from egr to the lower plastic pipe. Removed and was covered in oil lower down, cleaned and checked for splits an cracks - non. So have refitted and will see it it happens again but I don't think it will. I am 99.9% it's a leak issue or fuel filter. Either a leak in fuel lines anywhere from the tank all the way into the block. Or an air leak on the boost system. But I have been thinking about it so hard my mind is going round in circles. The next thing I'll try is a fuel filter but where do I go from their .....
  7. At that millage you would have more chance winning the lottery, than it not being the dmf, clutch can still feel good, remove the crank sensor an see if its covered in metal fillings
  8. Dual mass Flywheel screams at me here, has the clutch/flywheel been changed? whats your millage
  9. Oops I drove into the garage doors and it leaked out. Lol Ahhh ill have to call a mobile air con man. No doubt they will rape my savings for it, Boooo
  10. Does anyone know how I can empty the air con on a mk1? Don't think there is much in there anyway but don't wana remove a pipe and get sprayed or something. It's not in a driveable state hence why I'm asking lol
  11. You need to get full well geometry done. Although the fitting garage should have told you this, its not their responsibility to adjust the tracking as its not what you've asked for. All you have asked for is 2 new springs. LESSON: whenever you have anything suspension related changed always get the geometry done.
  12. Hi, unfortunately no update as my brothers focus blew up some I'm a bit busy stripping that at the moment. It seems to staying how is now, which is better than it used to be but still not right lol
  13. I will give it ago but I'm struggling reading the code even with a small mirror.